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So who like hunting ELK better then DEER hunting


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Just wondering what the Split is here ? I hear people all the time liking one better then the other.... ME , I like them both !!!

But nothing better then seeing a big Elk at your feet
MAybe cuz I haven't gotten a big buck yet ?!?!?!

Anyways, Which do you like better .. AND PLEEEZE tell me why :D
Elk 4 Me, But Deer are a good time too. Nothing better than a T-bone from an Elk. I have been seeing then in my driveway in the morning on my way to work. Only ten days to go and it is open season on Elk.
Well even though muleys get me excited, elk get blood pumping in an unreal way. Especially when you don't hear a single sound then you hear the big boy bugling. Also just the size of the antlers on that bad boy get me excited. Damn you Moosie, now I want to go elk hunting!!!!
I have to say elk for me. Mulies are cool and a big one would be great. I haven't gotten that big one yet though. Elk are just so big and majestic. The sound of an elk bugling on a crisp morning gets the blood a boiling. Seeing an elk at your feet is the greatest joy of all.

Nut, come on out for the elk hunt in area 79 this year.
Elk, at least for now..... Once I get a big one down I may change my mind, but I'm definitely from the school of "bigger is always better" (except in women)....
I am going to say Elk hunting is just alittle more exciting than deer hunting for me.The size of the animal is a big factor,Elk are a more majestic animal to me.
Well I am like Moosie here.. I would rather hunt an Elk more than a deer.. But I too have not taken a monster buck. I love hunting them both though.
I like hunting elk better. Like every one said, they are such magnificent creatures. I also like the meat alot better.
I really want a decent buck, but I love hunting elk. Like someone else said, elk meat tastes better, too.

Also, as said above - the real work starts when you have an elk down.
Right now, gotto to lean towards elk. Just easier to take the kids when going for elk instead of for muleys.
Hunting muledeer is still my favorite thing to do with a rifle.
I like the taste much better then elk.
But hunting Elk with a bow is next in line.
Nothing touches the nerve endings like hearing a bull bugle or the cows calling.
Then to top it off, when you get the chance to see them while it is all going on just well it just sends it over the top.
I enjoy the work of taking care of and packing out animals, it makes the whole hunt for me.
It absolutely kicks my butt ,but I love every minute of it.
In AZ I will take deer over elk. There is no work to killing an elk in AZ.. everything is flat...

in washington and co I like to elk hunt because of the mountains and the hiking it takes....
As of right now, elk get the nod from me. I've hunted whitetails and mulies are of similar size, but those elk...WOW!! Now that is a big animal. I still haven't figured out what I'm gonna do if I do get lucky, but I have a feeling some sore muscles and sweat will be involved.
1-pointer, I will be out hunting in my regular area all of October. I do however have a couple of frame packs the you are welcome to use if you would like. If I am able to help you with the horse I will gladly help you.
I'll vote deer, just because they are usually easier to hunt(I'm getting old) and easier to pack out but then again you can't beat a bull elk bugle at point blank range during the rut hmmmmmmmm ok ok I'm sticking with deer
I live in a state with 1.5 million deer. I love to hunt them but the change of pace and scenery is nice , so i hunt elk for 10days in the fall. I have been bow hunting them for 3 years and have yet to get the trophy bull i am looking for. its my latest challenge i guess. after that its moose mania!

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