So what now?



The regs are coming out for next year, and while some still have hunting left in this season, the deadlines are rapidly approaching for some of the earlier draws for next year. I know units in Idaho for deer that is first come first serve that start and end on the same day! :eek: that is the first of Decembver if memory serves.
The Wyo draw deadlines are VERY early and Montanny and New Mexico coming a little later......

So what are some of your plans?

In March, I will be at the Exotic hunt in Texas...............
I am planning an August Dall Sheep hunt in Alaska,........a September Muzzeloader bear hunt in Co,........a September Bow hunt for Elk in Wyo,........a septmber Wyo antelope hunt......a September Antelope hunt in October Deer hunt for Muleys in Wyo and Co, elk hunt in Wyo for the rifle season,......and an elk hunt in Co for late November.

Those are all tentative and I may have to drop one or two depending on my work load at that time of year, but its a starting point for planning the coming year
Man, DS, I wish my plate was half that full!!!

Couse Whitetail in AZ early Jan (be more than happy to share this hunt with someone!!)
Spring Bear in ID
I will be putting in for antelope, muleys, and elk in UT and elk in WY. I think that is the maximum that funds and time will allow for now, but we'll see. Might try to fit a cougar in there someplace.

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Bill, I have heard others have problems accessing it that way, but yes, if it reads [email protected] that would be me.

No Troy, the company is not the greatest, but my dilemas are these. I can put more time in Wyo hunting than any other state, because my home state of CO only gives 5 to 7 days per species on the norm, and only an 1 1/2 away, I can get up to two months in Wyo for elk and several weeks for deer or lopes. And I did put in for my dream hunt in Montanny last year and only drew the point, so if I put in this year, the odds say I better be packed and ready, so its either the extra Alaskan hunt or the Montanny hunt, and I think the Dalls will win out this year and I'll try again for Montanny next year. But make no mistake, I have always dreamed of a remote Montanny boys definitely live in paradise up there.

Heck.......I might even hit you up to guide me if and when I draw! :D

1-pointer.....would love to join you for Coues........but it would get me spanked for sure!......on second thought, a spanking might not be too bad! :eek:
Elky...I'm sure I will have to let a couple of them slide, as usually is the course, but you gotta plan big......right!?!?? back up plan is to hike over to IDEHOE and hunt with Da Moose! :eek: .......but that would have to be a last resort of course! ;)

When it comes to filling out all those outa
state apps for next year, your gonna be busier then a one legged man in a butt kicking contest!:D :D Me, well I'll be applying for every stinking thing in good ole
Wasington. Home of the west biggest and baddest heads! NOT :mad: Also, I'll be applying again for bull elk in Az in the
Flagstaff area. Gotta get another crack at
those Arizona big boys.:cool:
For me it will be the usual. Time and money only allow me to hunt at home in Wyoming. I will get my bear, deer and elk tags and put in for moose and big horn sheep once again. I also am hoping to do a gator hunt with JimmyD & DaleT and Moosie.
Same here, time and money will limit my apps for next year. Antlope, deer and elk in Wyoming. Gotta go 3 for 3 on elk or I may just stop hunting :rolleyes:
I would love to go after bear or lion, but no time to bait bear and no dogs to run lion. Oh well, one day...

I noticed that you have plans for two wyo elk hunts. I am not familiar with other states regs other than ours. Utah only allows one bull elk tag a year and a possibility of two cow tags depending on how you are hunting. Are both of those tags for bulls? If so what are the Bull tag limits in some of these other states.

Todd :confused:
I don't know what DS's plans are, but you can get 2 elk tags in WY as long as one is a reduced price cow/calf tag. BUT, your elk tag is good throughout Sept (basically) if you are archery hunting. If you dont get one, then the same tag is good for rifle.
Todd.............I said I was planning the two elk hunts.........not that I would be trying to fill my own tag.

You see, if I draw the bull tag, and I have $650 that says I have a great chance to, then I will hunt heavy the first part of Sept during archery ........something a failed to do this year........trying to lay into a monster bull during archery.

Whether I am successful are not during archery, I will then hunt the rifle season during October, with my own tag if I failed in bow season, or I'll just be there setting camp for some friends I'm committed to as well as my 14 year old son if I do fill my tag in bow season. So I will definitely do a hunt both in the Sept Bow and the October rifle seasons.

And a side note......there are "additional " tags available for some units for a second cow tag, but my plate will not allow, as it overflow-ith :D
Thanks for the clear up. I guess the fact that Utah makes you pick your poison when it comes to weapons threw me off a bit.

I'll be doing more applying than actually hunting. I'll put in for deer, antelope, moose, sheep, and goat here in CO, but will probably only draw deer. I'll put in for another elk preference point and then buy a bull tag or left over cow tag.

I might put in for elk, deer, and antelope in WY as well...

Oak...if your serious about Wyo, you better be getting some serious duckies together, as the deadlines will come quickly at the first of the'll need about a $1000 to apply for all three...

let me know if I can help you in the application process........and if you go the elk route, you know you have a spot in my camp if ya want.....
Yep DS, that's some serious duckies! :D

And to think here in CO I can apply for/buy moose, sheep, mountain goat, antelope, bear, deer, and 2 elk for a total of $647! :eek:

.....but hey.....can you really put a price on such quality hunting so close to home, and they do have some of the longest season dates per tag,...its really a lot of boom for thge buck.

Where else can you hunt Archery all the way through rifle bull and then have that same tag turn to a cow.........all on ONE tag aand one price.......over two months of hunting!
I'll do Calif. deer as usuall. Then I hope to put in for Wyo. elk with two good friends (hint hint). At the same time, I'll put in for one of thoses hard to draw Utah trophy bull hunts ( keep building up thoses points ). If I don't draw the Wyo. elk tag, I'll probably put in for Wyo. mule deer & lope. I'm thinking about putting in for New Mexico elk, and I'll also put in for an Az. early bull tag ( still building points ).
If I draw more than one elk tag, I'll be up the creek, cause I only have enought vacation time for one good out-of-state hunt.

I also have three Co. pref. points, so if I don't pull the Wyo. tags, I might try to get a Co. elk tag.
Someday ( years from now ) I will draw one of thoses Utah or Az. early bull tags in a top trophy unit, and I can't wait. I live closes enought to each state to acually scout it.

Dan.......just a couple of comments/suggestions.......

You know you will always be more than welcome to hunt with me,......I in fact hope very much to get the pleasure on a yearly basis!

But unless I'm will need to put in for the WYO lope and deer before you know the results of the WYO elk draw.........

and on CO........put in for another point and just come hunt over the counter with me.........3 points will not get you much, so keep building them up and do a top notch wilderness hunt while you continue to build the points.....
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