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Silicone Sackup

Sounds kinky

I only know of one reason for this,and its for your pack sack.

It is to Silicone the whole bag to make it water resistent. (never done this one before) I just put a large trash bag in my pack and stuff everthing in it.


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The quantity on the List said 1/2 for rifle ?!?! HELL, I'll need too find that guys name I got the list from And Ask him I guess...

Thanx for the Heads up, I also am not bringing any Backpack covers. Everything we need dry will be in Drybags and everything else can get wet
It's a cloth bag that has silicone in the material to help keep your rifle (or whatever) from rusting. They come in various lengthes and sizes to fit various guns.
Thanx for the INFO Guys.... I put it in a search engine and Just got porn

AK Yote, do you use a sackup on your guns in AK ?
I think the sack up would still need to be in a waterproof/resistant bag. If it got wet, I think it would be worthless. A good coating of car wax (be sure to take the gun out of the stock and coat the bottom of the barrel and action but not moving parts before leaving and then check your sights) and care to wipe the exposed surfaces down with a rust preventative/water displacer every night on the hunt would be my suggestion.

I second CH. I thought about it on the way to work this morning too. I have two or three around the house can't believe I spaced it.


I store my guns in them in the house sometimes, but they get there biggest use on the rivers. I place them in the silicone sock and place that in a rubber sheath.

Can't you get the sacks from Cabela's? I think I've seen them in there, can't remeber how much though.
Wally world usually carries them and most real gun shops almost allways have them. Its just a silicone treated long sock to protect the gun from rust. They're pretty common and cheap.

For Alaska's usually wet hunting seasons and definately for rivers I recommend a GunBoat type drybag for your rifle.
I actually didn't htink about the Case.. I was jsut gonigto Fly them over in a Airline aproved HARD metal case and then at the Airport in Saskatoon carry them on the Placne. I think thats how it worked ? MAybe just have a Scabbard of sort. At night, Although not overy parinoid, I think the rifle will lay nicely next to me in the tent and not outside.

At home I have big safe with a De-humidifier in it. It keeps the moisture out of it well.

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