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Sierra Match HPBT 168gr in 30/06 300 mag?


New member
Mar 1, 2001
Moreauville, LA
Has anyone loaded these sierra's in a 30/06 and even though not listed in my book as a proper load, what about in the 300 win mag.

In the 30/06 I was looking at 56.5 gr of 4064 or 4350 with the 168 match hpbt.

Both of these are going in a Ruger M-77. Anyone have any data or starting points on this?
JK, In the -06, I would back the IMR 4064 load off to about 47.0 grains to start and work up slowly in 1/2 grain increments. With the IMR 4350, I would start about 54.0 grains and work up to a max of 57.5. Look for a sweet spot about 56.5 grains.

In the 300, presuming You are talking 300 win mag, I would start around 68 grains of IMR 4350 and work up to 73.0 grains max. If you want to experiment, try starting at 70 grains with RL 19 and working up in 1/2 grain increments. My favorite load for 165 grain bullets in the 300 win mag is 70.5 grains of IMR 4831 with RP brass and WLRM primers. Let me know how they turn out.

Dan AZ
I loaded the 168 Gr match in 30-06 with very good results. The powders I used were H4350, H414 and IMR4064. The H4350 was the best but my sweet spot in my round used 2 gr less than Danr55 indicated. Start low and work up
to determine were you need to be. regards, stv
JK, DEFINATELY BACK OFF ON THE 4064 LOAD you were talking about for the '06. I shoot 53gr of 4064 using a 150gr and that is about all the pressure I want. So by going with 18gr more bullet you probably should start out at where danr said and work your way up. My guess is that about 49-50gr will be your limit there. (But I've been wrong before)
If you can make 4350 out shoot either 4064 or WW760 in the '06 let me know how you did it 'cause I never could. Good luck.