Should have went home (true story)


Dec 9, 2000
So, I get off work a little early and decide to stop at a place on the way home for a couple hour deer hunt.I am kinda in a hurry and gather my gear and walk a little over a quarter mile from the truck to where i want to put up my climber.
I get the climber on and get up the tree and pull my bow up.I take off the quiver and hang it off the stand and get an arrow out and nock it on the bow.
I then reach into my pocket for my release and guess what? It is back at the truck

I gather my gear, let the bow down and down the tree I go.
I walk back to the truck and yep there is my release in the front seat.Now back to the tree, I get the stand back up the tree and haul my bow up , AGAIN .
I take off the quiver like before and take out one arrow. I nock the arrow and lay the bow across my lap, reach into my pocket for the release and it falls out of my pocket and lands 15 feet below me on the ground. Now is when I am starting to think maybe I should have just gone home. Back down the tree, I get the release and strap it on, not takeing any chances this time

Back up the tree again, not much bark left on it now

I get my bow pulled back up and take the quiver off yet again, get me an arrow and nock it. I hang the quiver off the stand, am sitting there trying to relax when the stand shifts and my quiver falls off and hits the ground, thats ok , I have one arrow and there is no way I am going back down the tree again!!!
So, about 30 minutes later a doe with two yearlings comes from my left and behind me.
I decide to take one of the young deer for an eater.The deer are going to pass 10 yards behind me, so I turn and get ready.
They come by really close and I am about 15 feet off the ground.When one of the deer passes behind a tree I draw and start tracking, looking for an opening to shoot through. I get a perfect shot opportunity and release the string, clang, bang, pow crash. That is what it sounds like when the bottom limb of your bow hits your deerstand.
The bow shot out of my hand, after breaking my wrist strap, and was traveling through the air kinda end over end.
The arrow hit about 6 feet under the deer and the bow landed about 20 feet from the little feller.
His initial reaction was to make a quick jump then turn to see what the hell all the noise was about. Me, I am still wondering what in the hell just happened.
I sat there and the two young deer come over and sniff my bow and the arrow I had just shot.Then to add insult one of them came over to the tree and was checking out the quiver I had dropped earlier.All I wanted at that point was for them to go away so I could get down and go home

I finally got them ran off and got down.
I gathered my gear and headed for the truck and found it really isn't too hard to cuss for 1/4 mile.
I get things put away and slide into the seat and guess what I see standing not 50 yards in front off the truck ? Yepper, two little deer and a big fat doe watching me as I bring this hunt from hell to an end.
I still think I should have just gone home


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Dec 20, 2000
Thanks for the story. I've had a day or two like that! One involved leaving my dad's shotgun on the trunk of the car for the drive home!
That was not a good day.


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Feb 27, 2002
bummer story. you will get laughs out of it in years to come. if you dont laugh about it others will laugh at it. we have all had those days though.


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Nov 28, 2001
That beats mine by a long shot...
I was sitting in a stand in the Big Hole and decided to pull the string back to make sure muscles would work in case they were needed...I hadn't put a new string on the bow in years, when I got it back to full draw, every thing exploded in my face. I had one of those metal string pullers on my bow string and it must have been tightened to tight on the ol' string and made it break. I had a two hour drive to Butte to get a new string made and then was able to make it back in stand just before dark, the bummer of it was that a fresh set of elk tracks walked right under my stand and it drank from the water tank I was over looking....All well, lessons learned, alway's keep a spare around and do regular maintanence on your bow.... ;)

nitro x

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Nov 15, 2003
At least you got to go home right then.I had a string brake on a shot at a little muleie buck at 16 yards.The broken string through the arrow off a foot. it stuck him through the gut.I went back to fix the bow and then back to look for the deer an hour and a half later.Two days after that I gave up looking.