shotgun for quail

kiwi hunta

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Jul 17, 2002
New Zealand
In my secret little valley there's quite a population of quail establised,they are only little suckers whats a good calibre for them 410 or 20,28 gauge? I've got a semi auto 12g but its a heavy slow sucker to throw around whats your guys call.
Kiwi.....My favorite for quail is 28 gauge. Quick to mount, easy to point, and shoots as sweet as a 16 yr. old virgin ( if you can find one now adays ) Anyway, I have a double barrel side by side which I dearly love to shoot and also a coupl of pumps. I find I can get on the second or third shot a lot easier with the pump. If you have large coveys, the pump is the way to go.....but for pure shooting pleasure you can't beat the double. Mine is a side by side but I have also shot the over/under which is real nice also. :cool:
i use a 12 ga pump 30" full choke on quil here a lot of times they start flying before you get close to them
When I had my GSP, I used a 20 guage. She was great - she'd circle out ahead and push the birds back to me. They'd hold between us for a beautiful point, then all hell would bust loose. Then we could track down the singles and small groups.

Without a dog, on these mountain quail, chukar and even valley quail after they've been hunted a bit - I use a 12 ga, mod choke.
righto tell wiffee need new gun coool these fellas are very quiet my kerry blue terrier points them they just walk away ahead me 10 to 15 feet I spose I could head shoot i'm with 22 shorts :D
i use a 12 guage for quail mainly because i just love to shoot that gun but my son uses a 20 and it works great.if we get into a big covey he can get off a shot even when they get further away.we dont have a dog so usually when they get up it takes a little longer to get a shot off.I would think with a dog a .410 would be a blast

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