Shoots-Straight Jr. takes Moose.


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Oct 6, 2005
Bitterroot Valley
Quick story. Jr. and I hunted two weekends over in the Beaverhead looking for a decent bull moose. Weekend 1 ended without so much as a moose hair being spotted. It was hot and dry and although we found moose sign in a few area's the moose eluded us for the week.
Jr. plays HS football both Friday night and Saturday morning so his time available to hunt moose is usually limited to saturday night and sunday.
After ball on saturday we headed over the hill and check out the standard spots without any success, saw a herd of elk I'd of like to of snuck in on but knowing how pressed for hunting time we are on moose decided to keep after the moose.
Sunday found us waiting for daylight in a valley up high in the Beaverhead Mts. It was snowing heavily so we didn't really get after things till the snow let up a bit.. We checked out several miles of willow bottoms calling off and on without any response. I felt like we going through the motions when I spotted a cow up and feeding in a marsh that was hiddin by timber all around. I packed Jr. accross a stream, and headed upwind of the marsh..The wind swirled in all directions it seamed sometimes at the same time.
We moved as close to the marsh as we dared and started a series of calling and grunting. The cow moved in looking for the source of the sounds, to within 30 yrds I'd say and shortly a calf joined her. The wind swirled and I expected her to bolt at any moment when up from the dark timber from where the calf came, a nice bull walked out into the marsh.
I knew he was good enough and told Jr. to get ready, the bull moved out to the middle of the marsh,not heading our way, I grunted loudly and stopped the bull. Jr. fired his .270 Browning lever gun once and water flew from the bulls side. The bull then took off accross the marsh I grunted louder at him he slowed down turned once more and Jr. touched off another shot, and the bull dropped dead. On inspection of the chest cavity the first shot had hit in the goods and the second shot wouldn't have been needed. The bull taped out 45 inches at his widest.

Sorry about the tounge but it keep falling out.



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Dec 20, 2000
Nice looking bull! Did Jr call the team up to help with the pack out? That'd be better than 1/2hr of lifting before school...:D