Caribou Gear Tarp



Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
CONGRATS BCAT!!!!! After Umteem YEARS putting in.. He finally got ONE !!!!!!!!

Thanx for the Call and Now it is Hard for me to Work I am So excited for ya :D :D :D

PS Wish me luck now .. YA hear ?~?~?
Doug yes dreams do come true and for both of us in the same year. Now we do have to go fishing. We could meet at Seminoe olefish
allright!!!!! :D we are in for some seriously good stories this year!!!
congrats Bcat !!! i bet hes out scouting right now! :D :D
lets see ya killed the biggest bull in your unit last year and now your gonna get the biggest ram in wyoming! :D :D :D

YOU DA MAN! :D :D Talk about a dream come true.Man, how are you gonna sleep at night
you dirty dog? :D Seriously, I'm happy for
you. Go out and have the hunt of a lifetime.
Well, Words can't describe how excited he is. But I am sure he will try when he comes down off of that cloud he is on right now. :cool: sheCat
WELL!!!!!! I havent put foot on the ground for three hours! Words cant describe how I feel right now!!!! 30 years of putting in for a sheep tag and FINALLY the "WHINER GODS" :D :D :D looked down on me with pitty (OR WAS JUST TIRED OF HEARING ME WHINE) and sent me a permit. Maybe the governor didnt have nuthin to say about it!!!! :D :D One of my best ole buddies took a picture of a 200 class ram last fall, and I am sure if it was killed already I woulda heard about it. ANyway that will be my quest to get that ram. I cant scout for him till August, and plan to go August 15th or so, when I can bow hunt for him. Then when rifle season opens I ought to have a pretty good idea where he is. THat is the plan anyway!!!!! :D Thanks for the congrats, cant wait now till sheep season. Olefish, we will have to get together!!!!! Glad ya drew your moose tag!!! bcat
.......thats great news b-cat.......good luck!......................... ;) :cool: :cool: JB
bcat, after the many years of trying you surely do deserve it. Congratulations bud and may you have the best of luck. Go get that big one now and take lots of pics for us.
I can not think of two more desrving than you and olefish to be drawn after so many years.
Bcat.....Congrats on the sheep tag buddy I got my fingers crossed on 5 different sheep tags but all in all my best chances are here in Idaho. Hope ya get that big one!!!!!!!