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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
When do they Fall from the NOGGIN ? Isn't it like in Feb or so ?!?! And Aren't Elk later.. Like April or May even ?
They should have fallen should get out there tomorrow after church to see if you can find any fresh ones.

Not sure about Idaho but I know around here some of the bucks still pack them in March and April. They are usually just little spikers that keep them all the way until April though.
Most of our deer here drop in late Feb. to late March. The latest I've seen a buck bigger than a forky still packing was two 4x4's on April 5th in 1996. The elk around here drop mostly in March. The latest I've seen a branch antlered bull was a small 5x5 on April 15th. I've seen spikes as late as May 8th.

Hey Moosie when you start seeing more does and cows than normal then the bucks and bulls have shed their antlers...LOL LOL LOL LOL

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In the areas that I hunt most of deer drop during the last half of January through the first week of March. I've seen deer as early as a couple days after Christmas that have dropped and have never seen a buck with antlers after May 1st. When a buck is malnourish it will drop sooner than it normally would. The amount of fat on most of the deer that the F&G check in my area this fall was close to normal so I would expect the bucks to drop around their normal times this year.
From what I have seen and read elk drop their antlers about a month later than deer.

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I usually see bucks packing into March and April. I did see a buck last year with one side still in late May. I watched a 30" 4x4 pack into April one year, then he disapeared before he shed them. I watched him nearly every week waiting for them to drop and never got them.
Hello moosie! I have found fresh deer sheds here as early as Dec 20, but I see most decent bucks drop in jan/earlyfeb.Big bulls start around the 15th of march and can hold their bones as late as the first part of april.Two years ago I found a fresh 6pt set while looking for deer sheds on march 11.I get seriuos and pack into roadless areas here on feb 1st for deer and march 25 for elk. Then I stretch my shed season til May or so,when the wife makes me go back to work!
Thanx for the Input.. I think I might head out and Look to see what I can Come across this next spring... Usually come April I'm out looking for Bears... I guess I could do some Spot/stalk and Look for sheds too. I'm almsot getting excited
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