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Mar 28, 2001
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Yep I actually have one.

When reading the thread about the hunt in Pa for this fall I ahd a thought come to me. Why are they getting together for coyote hunting when it is deer season?

Truthfully I have way more reasons to hunt for a deer at that time than I do for a predator. (I would pop a coyote if it happened to go by me though)

But I also have mor need for the meat in my freezer than a fur on my wall. (Dont have one but want a fur on my wall of a coyote)
I can hunt the coyotes all year long here so it is something I would do only when nothing else is in season.

Is it that much more exciting for you to hunt predators to not hunt for meat on the table? Are you actaully getting enuff furs to pay for the time you spend at it?
Hello Nut... for us here, Deer season isn't until December for rifle. I don't do archery, my shoulders are just about blown. So December is the only time I hunt deer other than an occasional crop damage in September on the farm.

Does that answer your question?

I hunt yotes cause I cant seem to get drawn for biggame in the great state of AZ.
Big game is fun but not as fun due to the fact you only get to kill one animal then your hunt is over. Yotes you can hunt all day for the whole year if you want.

In az we have no season yet, but I am sure it will happen here soon.
The only reason I dont hunt in june july and aug(that much) is due to the fact I dont like rattle snakes and its freikin hot.
I do shoot them from the boat alot when I am fishing though.
I do think Varmit hunting is alot more exciting then biggame. ducks run a close second to yotes.

Nut, I've been hunting predators almost as long as I have deer, I use to do them both. during the off season for deer I'd find good placses to hunt as I was predator hunting.
You almost always get more action when predator hunting vs deer, plus the fact that being a predator / varmint hunter should make you a better all around hunter. If you have not tried leg of coyote you don't know what you are missing yummy.

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The reason we are hunting coyotes in October is because I will be in Penn. And at that time the only thing to gun hunt is coyote. Plus all of us that are going meet each other through predator hunting BB's.
Thanks for the replies.

I guess I should have looked to myself for the answer also. I enjoy fishing but even when the walleye run is on here,all that is on my mind is turkey hunting because of all the fun in calling them in close.
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