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Feb 19, 2001
the high country, PA
the hunting seasons and trips are fast many of you are READY! you have everything you need for the backpacks and camps??....maps?...are you in top physical condition??...if you are hunting any western state and havent started training yet....YOU ARE SCREWED before ye even got yer zipper about weapons? ye know where yer 20 yard pin hits at 27.5 yards??? i do.... how about your rifles ballistics at 343 yards??? Im not being a ***** here, just trying to keep everyone on their toes so we have a safe and memorable trip.....GOOD LUCK in summer scouting trips!!!

Equipment is pretty much ready. I've started preparing my plots, by lating down salt and other goodies. Plenty of ammo for the job. Waiting for my 300 Win. Mag. to come back from the shop after having it drilled for recoil. The only thing lacking I'm afraid is physical condition. But in this category I think we are a few in the same boat...

I am pretty much ready for hunting season I just have to build a new tent frame for my new wall tent and I just ordered my new stove for it.My rifle and ammo is ready for the season and I am in pretty good shape this year so let the season begin. :D :D
Jason, I am more than ready....HEHE I wish it was tomorrow!!!! Well I lie, I have to practice quite a little more with my bow so when August 15th rolls around I dont mess up on a nice ram. Other than that I am ready and PUMPED about it. Got to get some horses shoed too I guess. Seems like the days sure go alot slower this time of year with anticipation!!:D:D bcat
Well, I am completely just falling apart. :D :D I am ready. We have been shooting all spring with our rifles and bows and have everything ready to go. Started our scouting for bear (opens Aug !st) and we are spending a lot of time hiking and watching the deer and elk.

This is my first time ever hunting out of state this year and I am just waiting for the WY draw results. Can't hardly sleep, just 5 days to go. Then wait on our home state. We are pumped!! :D :cool:
Anticipation of the deer draw is getting me too Terry..:D:D:D Cant wait to see who i get to hunt with this year... Had a nice chat with hunterman (tony) yesterday, and hope to hunt with him and Quickdraw next year. Good luck Terry and I know you will draw...:D:D:D NO FEAR BUDDY!!!!! bcat
Bcat, Gotcha!! NO FEAR!!! Figure the draw is a piece of cake, just wanting for the fall to hurry up and get here. Since bear opens here Aug 1st that will give us something to do to pass the time. Going to be an awesome time!!! :D

just shoe me up the fastest free spirited app you got, this wont be my first RODEO!! Bowz are sighted in..... Guns are honed.... senses clean.... you gotta luv this stuff....

Just realized the WY draw is on my birhtday, I hope that is good luck and not bad. That would be a good Bday present for us both to draw the deer tags. :D :D 3 more days and we will know. :cool:
I was excited about seeing if I was gonna get drawn for an "any bull" moose tag but screw that now. I found out thursday I'm doing a flyin for dall sheep. It looks like me and my 270 are going back up the hill. Oh, man where are me knee braces :confused:
Well been looking over some new areas to try this year. So far I have come across some great looking prospects to try. I am always looking for more areas to hunt. Get the braces out and have a great time LBG.

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