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Safari Photos!!!!!!!!

Aspen Hill Farm

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Jun 22, 2001
OH KAAAAaaaaYYYYYyyy, 'Nuf is enough, this forum is dead!!!!!!!!

Here are some of my photos from Africa, look at the webshots album for more.




Here is the link to my hunting photos:

I hope you like them.
Ann,I have been wondering how you did and when we would get to see your pictures.
Im going right now to see your others .
Welcome back ,get to posting.
Great pictures! You posted the thumbnails rather than the actual picture..:D Go back and click on the thumbnails and get the actual picture. Then post the link from the full size version. Hope this helps..


HEY ASPIN..... USE the URL of the BIG PICTURE.. Not the "THUMBNAIL" .. Open the BIG pictures so they show BIG then RIGHT click on them.... Do a CUT/PASTE.. then post that URL here....

I have been AFIELD myself so I have missed the HOMECOMING of our AFRICAN QUEEN !!!!!! WELCOME BACK and Glad to see the PICS !!!!!!

Thanks Moosie! Just after I posted that I figured it out. Every time I look at those photos it sends me back! I still have dreams and wake up in the morning from a hunt in Africa. It was that good!!!!!

IndyJay.......My kudu was just a 50 incher, just had heavy horns, in Namibia the animals get big horn bases. I used my 30.06 on all the game and my bow on the giraffe.

If anyone here is ever interested in checking Africa out just shoot me an email.
Ummmm nice pictures but just one question????
Why would you want to kill a giraffe :confused: ? I can understand the other animals but it just seems so morbid to kill a giraffe.
Dont take it the wrong way or anything I am only curious.
Black Lightning, hope I'm not butting in here, but I guess you have a fair question and each of us has a different take on these things.
Your question about taking a Giraffe is about the same question I get from some people about shooting a Zebra. "After all," they reason, "isn't it just a pony?".
The only way to answer is to go over there for yourself and expose yourself to this hunting. When I got back, one of the first questions my wife asked after seeing my pictures was, why didn't I take a giraffe?

Many more hunters would take giraffes except for a couple of things- the trophy fee is fairly high compared to other plains game, and the taxidermy and a place to display such a unique trophy is kind of difficult to deal with, logistically.
As a trophy, when you see a giant Male giraffe in the wild, they are one of the most magnificent creatures I saw the whole time I was over there. Just like other game, they need to be managed also to keep their numbers in line with their unique habitat needs. Taking one with a bow is an especially interesting way to take one, as they can be difficult to hunt.
Sometimes we would see them from the truck a mile or more away, then when we approached where they were standing just a moment ago, they were nowhere to be found and couldn't be seen anywhere. For something that large to hide so completely has to be seen to be believed.
Don't know if this answers your question completely, but your asking it brought up some great memories of seeing those incredible animals running through the bush, their colors flashing in the sun.- Sheister
Thanks...that did awnser alot......I figured they just stood there and you would shoot them (kinda like antelope...LOL) I did not realize they were that hard to hunt so in that case, Right On....Like I said I have nothing against it and was just asking a logical question so thank you for giving me some insite. Also I can only imagine the taxadiermy bill for a stuffed giraffe :eek: ..LOL
Thanks for awnsering!
BL ;)
Indy, it's a 45-70 and I think it was a Marlin. That rifle belongs to my PH, it was used to finish my zebra off. Lovely weapon, made him look like a cowboy! The zebra is a very tough and tenacious animal to hunt. The other rifle, mine, is a sporterized Mauser in 30.06.
Beautiful trophies, Aspen. Especially the zebra! My step-father and I hunted in Zimbabwe in '84 and the taxidermist ruined my zebra hide. He thought I wanted a shoulder mount so he cut the cape off of the full hide I shipped him... I've always wanted to go back and get another.
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