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Jul 19, 2003
Pfeifer, Kansas
hey guys anyone know anything bout rugers new .17 HMR. could it take a yote out in a head shot? how accurate are they?

any info would help me out.
Welcome to Moosie's, Throwin Brass. I can only offer my opinion that a 17 grain bullet is awfully small, and 2500 FPS isn't really that fast. Personally, I would not shoot a coyote with a 17HMR unless it was pretty close. But some people don't care if a yote gets away to suffer for days....
I have tried the HMR on yotes, and wont do it again. Took a heart lung shot at 50 yrds and it walked off like it was never it. Others have had some success with it , but i dont trust it on game that big. For around $200 you could get an NEF in just about any calibur you like. For a couple hundred more I would really look at the savage rifles. Far more accurate and still inexpensive.
The 17HMR is certanly not my first choice for predators but within 60 yards and with properly placed shots it will kill very effictively, however I do agree with the guys that for around the same money you can pick up a more forgiving caliber and extend your effective range considerably.

I would also like to interject the fact that I killed 22 coyotes, 19 fox and 12 badger this last season with the 17HMR, however I did have to track one coyote and had to dig 2 badger out of holes as a result of trying to stretch out the range of this caliber.

My advice: Savage varmint models, Remington 700 serise or for a lot less denero NEF and I would stick with the .22 cal stuff. With time you will evolve to what you realy want to shoot.
If you want fur friendly : .17 Remington,19 Calhoon, Tact20 are all good choices but are concidered wildcat calibers.

I like the Tact20, Blaine Eddy likes the 17 remington. Both are top shelf.


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