Rolling Thunder!

Larry Martin

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May 12, 2004
Hagerstown Md
Rolling Thunder!

Try to imagine 490, 000. motorcycles of all kinds in one place and for one purpose. That is the amount of bikes that is reported to have showed up yesterday in Washington DC for the Rolling Thunder parade to support our veterans , it was truly unbelievable. This was the first year my wife and myself had a chance to participate, the experience is something we?ll both never forget.

Our day began 7.00 am riding from Hagerstown about 65 miles to the Harley-Davidson dealer in Gaithersburg Md , this was one of several staging areas around Washington DC. At 9a.m. approximately 20,000 motorcycles followed a police escort all the way into the Pentagon in northern Virginia . All mean roads like 270, the capital Beltway and George Washington Memorial Parkway were shut down temporary. At every overpass along the way , there were hundreds of people waving the American flag in support , one of the guys riding said when he got to the Pentagon, he never felt so important.

When we arrived at Pentagon around 9.30 am, the North parking lot was approximately ¾ full by that time. The next several hours thousands upon thousands of motorcycles continued to pour into parking lot, even the main roads surrounding the Pentagon were staged with motorcycles .

To give everyone a little idea of the magnitude . The parade actually started at 12:00 , and it took two hours before we entered. At 4 o?clock riders from Pentagon staging area were still entering parade route.

Fandamntastic!! I hope the Liberals were watching really close!! :D
Wish I could have been there too, but it just didn't work out that way. I was there in spirit, although not in person. I know my friend, Boomer, from Plano, TX was. He never misses it. It is good to show solidarity, especially the way things are going these days.
Larry welcome to the site... We came though DC yesterday afternoon, there were bikers EVERYwhere. Even on friday they were all over the roads. I'm sure it was an awsome site to see. I've been to Stugis a couple times, THAT is a site to see once in your life
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