Rem 700 in 257 weatherby

What's the barrel length and contour?
It’s a 26” stainless fluted. I can’t remember what they said the twist was for the new barrel. I’d have to ask them. I want to say around 1:9. I know he said the twist was best for your standard 100-110 gr bullets in that caliber.
Fantastic round with an impressive pedigree & this one has very good components. It would be good to know for sure what the twist is.
I could probably find out by contacting them. I think he said 1:9. I know he said your standard 100-110 gr would be best in it most likely.
Could always check it yourself with a cleaning rod, a tight fitting patch and a piece of tape. Wrap the tape around the rod near the handle and leave a “flag” end on it. Insert patch in barrel. Make a mark in the cleaning rod that lines up with the back of the action. Watch the “flag” end of tape and note its position. Push rod in until flag end makes one rotation. Make another mark on rod even with the point in the back of the action you started with. Remove rod and measure distance between two marked points.
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