Reese's & Grandsons


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Mar 9, 2011
eastern Washington
I got home from work tonight and my grandsons were there and they had found some Reese’s peanut butter cups (I’m going to have to start hiding them better). They know this is my all-time favorite candy bar. Johnny, age 6, asked me if I liked Reese’s, to which I informed him that I don’t like Reese’s - I love Reese’s. Now, he wanted to know how much. I told him, “If I had to choose between Reese’s and Grandma, I’d chose Grandma, but that it would be close” (she was in the room). I could see the wheels turing in his head and he said, “If I had to choose between lettuce and Reese’s, I'd choose Reese’s and it wouldn’t be close.” Naturally, then he wanted one and being a softy I gave him one. Next, Ben, age 4, said he wanted one too and I was about to give him one, when Grandma informed us Ben had just eaten one, to which he responded, “I’m choosing to ignore that one.”

Life is full of choices, around here we usually choose Reese’s.