Really, Wyoming?

This guy is doubling down on dumb.

I come from a family that raised a lot of cattle and chickens over the years so I am not sympathetic to predators and will still shoot them on sight. However, I absolutely do not support brazen animal cruelty and believe that if you are going to kill them, do it quickly and as humane as possible.

But back to this post, I agree with it. It's also dangerous behavior running down animals and you can get yourself hurt.
Basically said it’s ok to run wolves down with snowmobiles because wolves run their prey down to kill it.
Sounds about right coming from that guy. He probably learned all he knows about wolves in that bar across the street from his house. mtmuley
One witness is talking.

““I don’t know if he’s literally low-IQ, and just doesn’t get that this shit’s not OK,” the eyewitness said. “He was drunk and rambling mostly. A guy who thinks highly of himself.” ”
Apparently he has done this kind of crap before. Why else would the bar owner tell him not to bring in an F'n lion?

"The bartender goes, ‘Cody, you better not bring in a f-----g lion,’” an eyewitness recalled. “She knew he was going to bring something in that was not a dog.”

He was also bragging that the $250 fine was worth it.
I hope he ends up eating those words.
One witness is talking.

@Derek44 looks like you were onto something.

After Roberts initially ignored the bar owner, she “didn’t waste her breath” and did not ask the Daniel man to leave or remove the wolf. The eyewitness could tell that the Green River Bar’s owner, who worked solo that night, “was not OK with it,” but was in a tough spot.

“His family were half the patrons at the bar that night,” the eyewitness said. “What are you going to do, kick the whole bar out and close up for the night?”

WyoFile’s attempts to reach the bar owner for an interview were unsuccessful.
When is it worth it to get your ass kicked by an entire half drunk family in a small town bar? This circumstance is one where it would be worth it. I really can't believe nobody spoke up and ended the situation, it went on for hours it said for cripes sake. The resident who is speaking up said were not all Cody roberts in this town, well as an outsider looking in it would be hard to think much more of the town as a whole the more we learn of this story. Unbelievable!
Even if you didn’t want to confront the guy, someone at the bar could have discreetly dialed 911 and hung up the line. Cops would have shown up to investigate 911 being dialed.

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