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RB...Cool Cat Picture


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Mar 2, 2001
ID - Boundary County
RB......A real nice scan from a real piece of art. The dogs appear to be composites from fox hounds or native hounds, notably Walkers, Triggs, Julys, Trumbos, redbones,balck & tans, blue-ticks.....although just about any dog can tree a cougar (shepherd, airedales, mongrels, even wire haired fox terriers) it takes a well trained hound to work out a cold trail and follow a cat to it's bed and then jump it. When I was into it, I preferred a cross between a bloodhound and a foxhound. A true bloodhound will putter around all day on a hopelessly cold trail and you will never jump a cat, and their feet aren't that tough either. Whereas you cross them with a foxhound or a native hound, you have a dog that will work all day on a good cold trail, and jump and tree a cat, but more importantly, they will hold the cat until you can get there for a shot. Sometimes this can be quite awhile. Anyway, enough boring you on hound hunting.....Thanks for the pics and keep them coming!
THANK YOU WHITEDEER! why you bein nice to me? I don't know what to do when your nice to me :D I love the education and thats not enuff if you have more! More is always better! The Artist Mansanarez I think its TOM on this one. is my favorite. Look how he even details the snow falling down into the canyon on the last picture! way cool and wish I could do that!
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