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range finders


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Sep 3, 2001
VICTORIA Australia
ok guys i`m just an ignorant when it comes to rangefinders--- never used one never even seen one.Q 1 are they good Q2 are they as accurate as advertised Q3 which are the most acc. Q4 what is the most common sold in the US. Q5 what are their drawbacks thanks fella`s in advance i just know someone on M`s will let me know.


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
1. are they good ?

Ans: HELL YES they are, aspecially if your using a bow !!!

2. accurate ?

Ans: up to +- 1 meter... I have a set of compact bushnell 600 YArd range finders.... WE actually used them on a bridge one day while we we surveying... +- 1 meter

3. most accurate ?

Ans: I only know mine are..... BUT I think they are all good, atleast the LAser new ones are....

4. Most common....

Ans. I think Busshnells are... at least thats what I was told and the Price was right ;)

5. Drawbacks ?

Ans. MOVEMENT, It sucks when you have to lift a pair of Rangefinders up to your face and Click on the critter. Especially bowhunting. I like to have them afield and click on things when I do my calling, (usually for elk) then I know what is 40 yards away....30 yards... And Anything closer is DEAD Anyways :D :D I never really used them big game hunting exept for that deer I shot this year at 418 YArds....

HOpe that helped some ?!?!?!