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questions about coyote hunting

steve t

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Jan 12, 2004
greenwood, s.carolina
im a first time coyote hunter here in sc. i have a stewart caller.we have been mostly at night and am interested on where to get a spotlight that shines red. how do you use this, do you keep in on the entire time,what times are the best at night.the first night they called back but didn't come in.since then no calls back. give me some info i need to know. thanks.
I do alot of hunting a night and what I use for a light. I have a spotlight the I bought at cabela's and it has a red snap on lens. I also have a light that mounts to my scope that can be use at a spot, and also comes with a red snap on lens. For example,
Optronics Nightblaster Compact and Max Gun Lights
Powerful spotlights mount on scopetubes with stock-mounted switch.
The Compact is powerful and lightweight and includes a a brilliant 100-yard quartz halogen spot beam. Includes 6-volt battery with nylon carrying case, 110-volt charger and red varmint lens. Fits 1" scopes.
The Nightblaster Max has a powerful 250-yard beam. Includes 6-volt battery with nylon carrying case, 110-volt charger and red varmint filter lens. Fits 1" scopes.
Go to Cabela's they have all kinds of stuff you don't need (at least that is what my wife tells me) As for the hunting I start out with a coyote locater and try to get a response if not I move on, If I do get a response I play the wind and try to get in as close as possible. I then start out with a rabbit call after about 5 min of that I wait another 5 min. then I put in a rabbit and a fox fight and that usally works.Take advantage of your farms animals what I mean by that is if a farmer has sheep put in a coyote killing a sheep call. Or most farmers have a few cats around, put in a housecat distress call and so on I hope this helps keep in touch.
Welcome to Huntalk Steve! Yoteler has given you some great advice. There's also alot of good coyote calling information in our archives that can be found by using the search feature.

steve t, you have got some good advice so far. There are other ways of hunting at night. Myself, I like hunting with a partner, one guy shots and one holds the light. There are many advantages to this methed, for one it's real easy to lose the animal in the scope after you shoot. If you have a partner, he or she sees it all and can keep an eye right on the spot the animal went down. There are so many tricks to hunting the night shift, to many to tricks that's for sure lol. The best way to learn is to go out and do it, you'll figure it out in time. It only took 2/3rds of my life to learn and I'm still learning.
Steve, you buy yourself a cheapy wal-mart hand held spotlight. Then you get a product called "Dykem" which is a red "layout spray" that machinists use. Spray that on your light and it will be the brightest,clearest red light with no dulling that you have ever seen. I got mine at a NAPA auto store,bout $8 a can.

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