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Question for BCBoy?


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Dec 20, 2002
Central Washington
I noticed in a couple of your post you made reference to Kirk Darner. I used to read alot of his articles, etc. When it came out that he had bought some of his trophys then claimed he had killed them I pretty well wrote him off my list of hunting hero's. Just wondering if you know something I have not heard.
I have heard every kind of rumor about Kirt imaginable. But everything I have heard has been just that, Rumor. I'm not one to label somebody until I've seen the proof. Ain't been any proof shown to me yet. One thing I do know, he was, and still is one hell of a hunter and he knows mule deer inside and out.
A far as I can piece together B&C had issue with only one of Kirt's bucks. A very old field photo of a buck that was similiar came to light. The B&C wanted to pull this one buck out even though Kirt had his own field photos with this buck. Kirt was pissed and pulled the rest of his trophies himself. It would have been nice if the B&C had of given a press release on their issues, but they didn't, which has lead to all the various rumors that are out there.
It is very common is the hunting world for rumors to arise when hunter's are successful. I think most of the time rumors and gossip are a result of envy and jealousy. It doens't really matter who in the hunting world you talk about, someone has heard something evil about that hunter. Ryan Hatch, Jim Shockey, Doyle Moss, the kid that shot that huge NT whitey this past year, and many many others, have all been on the end of vicious rumors. I tend to take things I hear with a grain of salt epecially in this internet age.
I had never heard that he had pulled the bucks from the book himself. I thought there must be more to the story. I just had not heard his name come up in years. Thanks for the information.
I second what BC, has to say...

We're nothing but a bunch of poachers!!!

Well aaaaa. OK. I might have poached a couple of 15 year olds, back in the day.... Buuutt, this is a hunting site, right? Damn old age is catching up w/ me.
15 will get ya 20...

I don't believe 95% of what I read and only 80% of what I see... Computers and Graphics are to easily manipulated now a days.. And people would rather Kick a Guy thats successfull then give him a Kudos.
Hey, I was not trying to kick anyone. I thought BCboy must know something I did not. I was just asking. He gave me quick response with some information that I was not aware of.
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