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Dec 19, 2000
Ok, tomorrow I leave to play elk hunting guide for the first time. Three hunters from Texas coming up to hunt elk and make a video. Should be fun I hope. My buddy from WY called me a Pug Doykin Wannabe.. haha.

We'll see how it goes, hopefully better than the typical Doykin Potshitters success rates. But you never know.. :D
GOOD luck Mr GUIDE.... I hear them Texas boys are big ;) HEY, GET off the internet sometime and Answer yer dam phone ;)

Just wanted to wish you luck. I'm not sure why they'd have you guide though.. You're only "LUCKY" for you ;)

QUESTION.. You going to FART in the video ?!?!
OK, I want in on this inside joke. Who the L is Pug Doykin??? Dude seems like a big target...Come on, lets hear a little history for those of us in the dark on this one, and maybe a good Pug story or two!
Good luck Greenie! Turn those cowboys on to some elks....

Ridgetop.... don't wish too hard for a Pug story, you might just get one. Or, better yet, next time you're driving across I-80 in Wyoming, turn on your CB and see if you can raise 'ol Pug hisself.
Ridgetop - it's one of those situations where it is best to let sleeping dogs lie. It is suffcient to say that he is a former participant on this forum who left (of his own free will) under less than friendly conditions with many of the members. We really don't want to open that Pandora's Box again.
we went 66% with Doug last year archery hunting on bulls. Hope you do as well. I won't belabor this but Doug put together a great camp for us and everyone had shot opportunities. I'll admit Doug can be obstinate, however that doesn't take away from his ability to get hunters on elk. Good luck on your elk hunting trip and get those texans on some big ones.
I'm glad you had a good hunt with Pug and as long as you are happy that is what really counts. I hope we go 100%, but 66% wouldn't be bad. Hopefully some big bulls bite the dust. We will definately be on the elk, hopefully just ones that satisfy the hunters and the kill can be captured on tape. There are 3 hunters and 2 camera guys coming I guess. I'm sure it will have it's challenges due to that alone.
no doubt in my mind that you will do very well. I've seen the bulls that you've got the last couple of years and "awesome" would be an understatement. Let's hope the hunters that you're taking are up to the task. Personally I'd have to change my underwear (and no I don't have lucky underwear)if I got on a bull as big as the one you got this year. I know your buddies on this BB make fun of your success in jest. Myself I'm just plain jealous.:D
Greenhorns Stardom Begins! WOnt be long and he'll be wearing Mossy Oak and chasing big bulls on all the top provate ranches in the nation!!

Good Luck Kurt!
Roland, I think you lucked out with Pug as a guide. For every "happy" hunter theres probably another 4-5 that want to strangle old Pug. Truth is, I would bet lots of cabbage that the reason for your success was that he probably turned you loose to pretty much hunt on your own. But, like Greenhorn said as long as you're happy.

Lets see a good Pug story, theres too many to post. But one that really sticks in my mind is the 200 inch ram he was going to bag in Wyoming last year. First of all, any moron who took the time to look through a record book would realize that 200 inch rams are very rare, and the very few that get even into the 190's are not found in Wyoming. Nothing wrong with being positive, but to post about how you've applied for 35 years for the once-in-a-lifetime hunt then come on here and make all these claims about the monster you're going to shoot. Telling everyone how it is, then ending up taking a freaking dink, and then coming up with every excuse in the book as to why you blasted an over-sized ewe. "I had my hunters to worry about, I had to put hay up, I had to...."the list was endless.

All I know if I shot the ram he did, I'd take my rifle by the barrell and bash it into a hundred pieces on the nearest rock I could find.

Again, nothing wrong with someone shooting a small sheep, but after all the crap he gave everybody else....sometimes there is justice in the world.

Then there was the time...........
Indy and Buzz!LOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLLOOLLOOLOLLOL! :D :eek: :D :eek: :D :eek: :D

That is fuggin hilarious!

If I could just add one tidbit to Cali's post....yes Pug left the board on his own....it was the Outfitting industry he was forced out of, and for good reason.

Hey Greenhorn!..........kick ass bud!!!!!
Be sure to get the name of the tape..when it comes out I definitely want to buy one!.....hell, I'll feel like I know somebody on it, even though you told me they won't get your mug in it......hell, just knock the fat Texan out of the way and jump in the pic man!

...just go do what you do best.....

Doug actually called in two bulls for me. Unforunately I missed the big one, a 320+ bull, however I didn't miss a 6x6 two days later. On a side note my partners and I were the reason he stopped sheep hunting early. I'm sure you know Doug better than I do. The only thing I was trying to say we had a good time and got into elk everyday. I've paid a helluva lot more for hunts and got treated like road kill in Colo. and Oregon. If Doug is the worse you've encountered send me an email and I'll hook you up with a couple of guides that will make your hair stand up.
I don't think we need to have a "Doug Debate" going on, so I'm going to lock this thread. It's not too bad yet, but things take on a life of their own as "my story tops your story, ha ha."
Dang JB - I started seeing people post that I have not seen around in a while. I started to think - hmmm, good to see some of these guys back. Then I actually looked at the dates.

Anyone heard from ol DS or Indy lately? Last I heard from DS was bad news, just wondering how he is doing these days.

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