Proposed Trail Cam Ban


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Jan 30, 2019
I only have a couple of cameras that I find very useful during bear baiting. They are not transmittable and only lets me know if a bait is being hit by bears or something else. And if there are cubs in the area. I don't think they are all bad. And giving the thread attitude, my cameras shouldn't offend anyone because they are only on my bait site, where an ethical hunter should not be messing around anyway.

Some real good point are being made on both, for and against, if we just consider the opinions of others. Also, how would we feel if the fish and game, or other law enforcement agencies employ the same tactics in response to not enough officers to patrol? Most would see it as a negative for the person being watched.

On a side note, mostly I just use my trail cameras to see what cat or critter is stealing my cats food and kicking his but.