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Dec 10, 2000
California, or Texas
Here is an artical that I got from WESTERHUNTER.COM

Game Law Violations
Report from California

California Teachers Get an "F" in Ethics...
by Lieutenant Liz Schwall

An early morning phone call last July from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office immediately captured the attention of local game warden Lynette Reynolds. The Sheriff’s Office advised that a deputy had found a vehicle hidden in the brush just off of Highway 29 near the town of Kelseyville. The Sheriff’s Office believed that the vehicle belonged to a hunter who was trespassing on private property on the north side of the road.

Reynolds immediately responded to the location and met with the deputy and the landowner. Reynolds was directed to a hidden, white 4-wheel-drive pickup truck. Biding her time, Reynolds waited 4 hours for the truck’s owner to return. Her patience was rewarded when a man from Kelseyville approached the truck. When asked what he had been doing, the man replied to the warden, "My truck broke down." Skeptical, the warden asked him to try to start the vehicle. He climbed in the driver’s side, turned the ignition and the truck started smoothly. Reynolds then asked the man if he knew who owned the property that he had been on. He replied "no" but then said that he had seen the "no trespassing" signs so he knew that he could not hunt there. The man told the warden that he had no hunting equipment with him. Even after extensive questioning, he stuck to his story.

Reynolds then contacted the man's wife. Her story and her husband’s did not match. Determined to get the straight story, Reynolds kept the questions coming. The man finally admitted that he had in fact been archery hunting and had really had car trouble earlier in the day. He had called his wife to pick him up and drive him home. After depositing his hunting gear at his house, he returned to the same location to scout for deer. Warden Reynolds concluded the interview by telling the pair that it was discouraging that two respected members of the local community (both were teachers) would lie to a peace officer.

Later that afternoon, Reynolds, accompanied by her husband and the landowner, returned to the area for a thorough search. Soon they noted vultures circling over a meadow. The landowner then found a tree stand overlooking the meadow and Reynold’s husband located a blood trail. Following the trail, the group discovered a dead forked-horn buck partially covered with branches and grass. Further investigation revealed that the deer had been killed by an arrow. Only the backstraps and a portion of the hams had been removed. In the meadow where the deer was discovered, a large amount of grain consisting of oats, corn and barley was found. It is illegal in California to place feed out for game animals in order to hunt them. While Reynolds was examining the bait pile, her husband picked up another blood trail and then found a second dead deer. As he approached it, he saw a broken arrow protruding from the deer’s abdomen. When he pulled the arrow out, it was still wet and bloody. Partially digested grain spilled from the deer’s stomach. A subsequent analysis of the first deer’s stomach also revealed the presence of a large amount of grain.

Warden Reynolds wasted no time in obtaining a search warrant for the couples' residence. Accompanied by the another warden and a deputy from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, the warrant was served. After being read the Miranda warning, the man invoked his right to remain silent. He was subsequently booked into the Lake County jail and released on $1,700 bail. The search of the garage revealed a large quantity of hunting equipment, including several bows. A camouflage bow was seized. A backpack containing loose grain consisting of oats, barley, and corn was also confiscated. Arrows were taken from the garage and it was later confirmed that the broken arrows retrieved from the deer matched them.

A search of the freezer revealed packages of meat labeled "loin" and "backstraps." The meat was seized as evidence and then submitted to the DFG Forensics Lab for DNA analysis. A pair of Gortex hunting boots was seized and the tread pattern on the sole was later matched to a partial print at the kill site.

The man was charged with nine Fish & Game Code and Penal Code offenses including Hunter Trespass, Waste of Game, Unlawful Take of Deer, Use of Bait, Littering, and others. He was convicted in the Lake County Court and was ordered to pay almost $3,700 in fines and restitution. He was placed on three years searchable probation during which time he may not hunt or be in the company of hunters. He may not possess any firearm or bow while on probation. In addition, he was sentenced to 60 days in jail but was allowed to apply for home (electronic monitoring) detention.

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He should never be allowed to hunt and fish again nor to own any firearms again. But even if that was to happen, he would more than likely do it illegally anyway. The fines should be much higher than they were and his teaching status should be taken away. I would not want my child being taught by anyone with those sort of ethics. Just my thoughts.

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Yup thats how it goes when ya break the law! I think stiffer penalties should be levied for those who have wildlife violations of ANY kind! Its a funny world we live in these days!!!! bcat

If you aint the lead dog the scenery never changes
Elkhunter you are right. I think teachers should have good morals to set an example for our kids. I see these comercials on TV of kids saying who their heros are, and they are saying their teachers name. Hate for my kids to grow up admireing a poacher.
All I can say is, good on the law this time. Looks like they did a fine job. It's really amazing they even caught the guy, but I'm glad they did.
I am glad that they caught them, but I think that their should be a stiffer monetary fine. Money makes the world go 'round and if we start taking all their money away others wont be as liable to try it.
Those kinda people are what gives us true sportsmen the name the media prefers to use. It makes it just that much harder for we ethical, above board sportsmen and women to defend our passion's.

Justin, you know something the rest of dont? Hinting that someone is a poacher isnt too funny. I sure wouldnt want someone saying that about me and Im sure from some of your posts you wouldnt like it either.

Debbie you must be Deerslayers mother or something I believe if I remember correctly you were getting yourself in the middle of something between bcat and someone else in an earlier post.Listen you dont want to get on my bad side like THis smart ass deerslayer so the best thing for you to do is keep it shut. An you want have me on you all the time.
Justin I asked a question just like I would if that was said about anyone eles on a hunting forum.Those are very harsh words to say about someone inless you can prove it.
Now ,are you telling me to shut up because I asked a question on an open forum? I dont want to get on your bad side? Or what Justin? Would you care to explain?

Yes Debbie I will explain I started off on this Website I was just trying to get to know people and stuff until this smart ass Deerslayer punk comes in to play with all his so called wisdom and that just ruined my attitude I will be as nice as I can until Ive been talked to like im a kid an from that point on will be hell for ya because instead of saying things out of frame I will be like a pain in ya side from now on like Im going to be for this deerslayer punk. You think sometimes by being cute you can make friends WELL that doesnt work with me and he found that out. SO if your innocent Im sorry I will be kind to ya from now on but dont take up for that ----head. Talk to ya
Ok you two i hate to be the bearer of bad news here but ya got to take this off the forum! I dont want it to get ugly if ya dont mind! We have had too much controversy here as of late and I dont want to delete posts, so please for me take it to email!!!! Thanks ahead of time! bcat

If you aint the lead dog the scenery never changes

Calling an ethical hunter a poacher is about the worse offense I can think of. We're all hunters for a lot of the same reasons, so there is a common thread amongst us all. United we stand, divided we fall... (I read that somewhere, it's not original) You are speaking quite harshly against an individual that many of us call "friend" and for reasons you haven't clearly expressed. Why? Did he suggest that he knows more than you in previous posts? So what! Lots of people know more than me, my wife for example... that doesn't mean I get all pi$$y about it. If you open your mind and close your (figurative) mouth, you just might learn something! I know I have... from Bcat, Deerslayer, Yooper, Jason, Shadowrider, Thumper, Deacon... list goes on.

There has been lots of in-fighting here recently amongst Coalition members and that's a shame. None of us should be made to feel like sides need to be chosen in this situation.

Bcat... I'm more than happy to take this to e-mail if you'd prefer. Frankly, I'd like to rip Justin a new one but I repsect your efforts to keep this clean and friendly.

Remember Justin... if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. And by the way... did you flunk grammar school? Learn how to puncuate. You're embarrassing yourself.

MD4Me... you're the best. I like people who call 'em like they see 'em!
Indy Jay-Do us all a favor and take it to email. Thanks Justin for your apology and dont sweat it, this happens when toes are stepped on. Calif Coyote, I am not sure but I think any kind of baiting is illegal in Wyoming at least. I cant say about Idaho, or Montannna cause I dont know. Ilove2hunt-I wish there were more poeple around like yourself!!! I wish the game departments (local) that know everybody in town were transfered every couple years because alot of times they close their eyes when violations occur or are turned in because the persons involved are personal friends!! This happens alot around here!!! I could tell you many many stories of people who were turned in for game violations and nothing ever happened. I mean caught right in the act!!!!! They wouldnt want to appoint me as game commisioner because there would be some crqap hit the old fan!!!!! Wardens would be transfered to a patrt of the state where they didnt know a soul every two years. EVERY violation that was reported would be fully investigated, and a report of some kind would be mandatory! Its Mutiny on our bounty, and illegally taken animals should not happen but it does all the time. I bet they dont catch 1% of the poachers and illegal kills! That is pretty sorry if ya ask me! bcat

If you aint the lead dog the scenery never changes
Dont' worry BCAT I am going to be civil here.

BCAT,I agree with you that there has been some controversy. In fact, you and I saw things a little differently on one or two of them, and settled it like adults. But if someone showed up taking shots like this at you, you can bet your arse I'd be the first to call BS. At least when these other disagreements were happening, they were occuring under the pertinant topic.

This disturbs me because of several "firsts" for our forum

This is the first time I have seen someone take such a cheap shot at someone "out of the blue" nothing under this topic has anything to do with that horribly CHEAP shot.

This is the first time I have seen someone threaten to continually herass another member, actually two members.

This is the first time I have seen anyone call another member a filthy name

Moosie has posted that insulting, negatative posters will get three strikes and out. If that doesn't qualify for strike one, nothing does.
do you guys remember a story about 6 months ago about hunters putting salt licks just outside a national park and using it to harvst their deer or elk? is that legal up in the northern states(idaho, wyoming, montana)?

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