Pics (Trail Cam) 5/13


I can't wait to see the pictures. I hope you get that big boy. By the way how did you feel today? Any soreness in the chest, shoulder area?

IB, I fugin' Can't Move !!!!! Actually Last night Packing Chit in My Arms hurt. Tonight I'll work a little more on them :D Good thing I took it "Light" the other day

Pictures are in the developer .....
The bear probly weighed 600 before it left the big dookie at your campsite. Now that you got him full of chit, slip a bunch of exlax in with the next bait and you will be able to track him for miles!

That's bear huntin' Nodak style!

You'll have to Wait till tomorrow, But Since I haven't been on here in Awhile I wanted to MAke a Post

It was Pretty cool. I called my Taxidermist and invited him up tonight to sit on the Site. We haven't been up there in 6 days so I was worried We'd be out of Food. My Worries were confirmed as We peaked over the Ridge at the Hole. Empty. :(

I walked over to the Trail Cam and It was Ripped open. LAst time the Camera strap was Ripped off the Tree and this time the BEar decided to Open the camera case and Look inside. After about 10 Mins of Mesing with it I got it Reloaded and new Film in And With Fingers Crossed , it will be working.

The site was Tore up !! We had a Good size Bear in there according to A paw print. I stepped on it and Couldn't find another good one to Take a Picture of So you'll jsut have to Believe me ;) I did Take a Picture of some Scat, Kind of gross probably but it looked like it either Hurt or came out of a 600# bear. With the Turd being 2" diameter It had to of hurt :eek:

Anyways , we sat in the Stands and nothing Came in. I'm on a Every other Day Trip now up there untill I get one though. So Friday, Sunday, Tuesday..... Soemthing will slip up and Come in early !!!!

Let's See, other then that Nothing much. Maybe "Gut Pile" (My Taxidermist) will come on and Tell fibs about how I climb hills with Bait bags and Backpacks, But he likes to Exagerate, So don't believe him, I'm Fat and LAzy ;)

Will have pictures at noon tomorrow. (If they Came out) Since Ten Bears is Saying I'm not doing my Duty
2" turd :eek: Mate add more ruffage to that bait pile ;) ;) That bruiser is going to want to get a hold of the chef after that
Hope you get him.
The funny (OR SAD) thing was, There was 2 piles next to Each other and they had alot in each Pile..... :eek:

(Got your Email today, Will reply in the AM)
Smalls, I'll take that under Advisement !! ;)

Here is the Bear. Of 24 Pictures, over 1/2 looked like this :


My Favorite of ALL the Close up pic's, I think I like the Next one the Best... I can Just imagine the Bear wondering where the Flash is comnig from.. So he wanders over ... Pics his head p... and WHAM !!!! Right in the Eye with a Flash !!

Now that I know the Bear likes to Eat Camera's... And after spending 10 mins fixing it and Trying to Reload pictures, I fortunately got a few OK ones...


Here is the Next day :


Thanks for the graphic on the turd. Cool pics!! It's always fun until someone gets it in the eye.
I'd have to see him in Person..... "EYE to EYE" ;)

I did see a Nice track that was bigger then that bear standing there, So I'd like to wait for that one, But......
I'm still debating weather that was a Bear or if it was Wylee setting up the Trail camera ;)

HEHE !!!!
There is a reason why I let you set up the camera/trail timer Moosie. :D Although my guess is it was Gunner when he snuck up there before going to Alaska without telling us. :D :D

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