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Out of here at 5 AM

Calif. Hunter

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Dec 13, 2000
Apple Valley, CA, USA
The truck is packed and Moe will be here at 4:30 AM. We'll leave here at 5 AM and pick up Mike in Apple Valley and then off to Datil - about an 11 or 12 hour drive. I'm wondering why I am bothering to go to bed... well, besides telling my wife good-bye. ;)

The season starts on Saturday - we'll have a couple of days to see if the hot spots are still hot before opening morning.

Talk to you all in a week or ten days....
Rick bud, Best of luck to you !!!!! Now remember, take extra butt paper and don't recycle it ;)

Since I';m not hunting right now I'm sending you all my luck !!!!! (Not like you'll ned it though).

Be safe !!
A late good luck to ya.
Good luck Cali!

Anybody here if they got one yet? I hope so. He'll probably get the #2 straw this year, miss, then the #3 guy will get it. What a story that was last year.
I'm back - I couldn't close the deal on the 340 to 370 class bulls I saw - they did not get that big by being stupid - but I did get a 6x6. Moe "broke his elk cherry" with a nice 5x5 - an offhand shot at 150 yards through the heart with a muzzleloader. The bull jumped like a heart-shot whitetail and ran about 40 yards before piling up.

Pictures and a detailed story later.

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