Our sons first moose


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Jul 11, 2021
And he was huge ! His antlers measured 58" and were non typical. On one side it splits into 2 palms. One behind the other.
It was almost like the perfect hunt. I had been out for a couple weeks. Dry hot conditions so moose were holding. And the local wolves were working this part of their territory. And I think there's a den nearby anyhow. But all good.
I picked him up at the lake n we loaded up the gear. On the way north to the cabin we stopped a few times to call. Getting a response from the next ridge over. We noted the location for a possible stalk in the morning.
It was great to be at our cabin with our son. Lots of time hauling freight behind a snogo, thinking about these days and now its happening.
Next morning were ready. We head over to my best spot. Clear blue sky 40 degree fall morning. I do my cow in heat calls. Aggressive n loud. He only has 3 days n we need to make this happen. I get a response immediately. And he's on the move. Making a huffing sound with each step. Similar to a shallow grunt ugh ugh ugh. Letting all the other bulls in town that he's on his way to visit this lady in need. And suggesting to me he's big n on the way.
I was taken aback when he stepped out of the black spruce trees. His just shed antlers glowing bright against the dark green forest. I instantly knew he was larger than the 50" minimum requirement. But his stature was what really caught me. Appearing 8' tall ! Then he stepped back, disappearing. I let a light grunt go n he immediately stepped out. Ready to fight.
He walked head down n forward sniffing the air n tilting his head to show his size n catch wind of the ladies. Ughh with each step. After 75 yards he stops. I tell my son to ready. 50 yards out, as he starts to exit stage left he fires n I follow up. After a trip across the beaver dam n a short search I instruct our son to approach from the side. He is laying on his belly head up.. After you know he's harvested. Reminiscing an experience when I had a bull stand up while my rifle barrel touched his eye.
When I first approached a was amazed at his body size I estimate near 1400 pounds.
I had just experienced a moment that I dreamed of many times while cruising under the northern lights in fridged weather. So good. Now for our daughter n beautiful wife.
Enjoying our public lands together


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Jul 11, 2021
I was going through some photos n came across these. Our son's first moose. It's pictures of the moose hanging n wrapped up to protect from blow flies. Smudge fires burning. Spraying meat down with citrus to repell flies. Although there are plenty of mean tough ones around. And at the end of everything to do with talking care of the meat. Its taking care of the antlers. But sitting around a camp fire with your son after a long day. Have a cold beer n a shot of whiskey. Watching as he cleans his trophy. Man that was a great day.
The next morning is still a bit of work. Getting 600 pounds of moose 2 miles to the lake. Took 3 trips with the 185 on floats. 1 load of meat. Meat n my son n me. The antlers wouldn't fit inside the plane. So we hung them in a spruce tree and the pilot strapped them on floats when he brought me n my beautiful wife back out a few days later. After we all processed our family moose meat. Seeing those antlers strapped on the floats was great. Wish I could find those pictures.
You can also see how I did this moose up. It was nice to be able to drive up to the moose n use the winch n pulleys to help hold the moose open. I gutting this one instead of doing a gutless method. As I could keep the meat cleaner n skin it out hanging. I was able to cut it into 2 sections n use the wheeler to pull it into the open. Near clean water. Then we set the canoe next to the hind quarters n roll them in together. No lifting. Then right under the meat pole. Use the winch to lift n drop them.
Hopefully I will get the air conditioning unit in the generator shed n use it as a cooler. The thing about harvesting a moose remote is getting it out fresh n clean. Which includes having a pilot that realizes that. And works hard to accommodate. Were blessed to have that but then there is the wether.
And the stuff happens things. I've got a 6 wheeler sitting next to the lake stuff happens thing. I'm kinda sure the local bears are having fun eating the seat n checking the tires too hard.
Hey comes with the territory as that was a medical emergency kinda thing. Another story. I'll be out soon when it freezes. There's a foot of snow there now. So snogo season coming up. FB_IMG_1634916117207.jpg FB_IMG_1634916110227.jpg FB_IMG_1634916101979.jpg FB_IMG_1634916090151.jpg FB_IMG_1634916084174.jpg FB_IMG_1634916076304.jpg
Anyhows I thought you all would enjoy seeing some pictures of a real nice set of antlers. And a little reminiscing from a proud dad.

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