Our son ......the predator


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Mar 28, 2001
Ohio but my heart is always in the woods
Saturday night on our way out from Deer and turkey hunting on a farm. Vipe and I spotted a couple of deer in the field near the corn.
The deer run down to the end (around 200+ yrds away) and vanish. We send the 16 yr old and our 11 yr old back to see if they could cut them off.
Vipe stays behind to keep eye on the boys while I go up to higher vantage point to see where they went. The buggers had stopped as soon as they got out of site.
I go back and Vipe tells me to get my bow and stalk them. I tell her that instead let us see if we could push them toward boys.
The boys meet up with us around 50 yrds down. Then the deer come back out toward field. We get into the edge of the standing corn to break our outlines. We then send the 11 yr old toward them to see what would happen.( he had a crossbow) So he started crawling toward deer. The time moved very slowly then as he slowly worked his way toward them. Stopping and moving ever so slowly. Legal shooting time was getting close at hand also along with enough light to see by.
Finally we believe he is close enough to shoot, The deer move farther out into field. :confused: Then we keep waiting as I watching my watch to yell at son that time was up. Then a deer jumps.They trot away up toward the road and disappear.
We come out at exactly the end of shooting time. Our son stands up and moves slowly out toward where the deer went.
He still had bolt on the xbow. He did not shoot! He said that he wasn't confidant of taking the shot at over 30 yrds. (My guess would have been that the deer were at 35 yrds away from him).
He said that they snorted and then jumped when they caught wind of him.
He was sick rest of the night because he did not close the deal.

My son the Predator!
Great story!!! Heck, that was fun for me and I wasn't even there. He'll get one, just keep him out there. Just don't let too much school get in his way!!! ;) :D ;)
It was great just to sit there and watch him.
We were on pins and needles the whole time.
I am very proud of him. for he did the right thing if you don't think you can make a clean kill don't take the shot.
WOW that was great.
He sure did the right thing in not shooting if he didnt feel right about it.
Tell him way to go from Steve and I.
Thats so cool. :D :D :D :D
HECK.... With a X-bow.... Can't ya shoot 400 + YARDS ?!?!?!? :D :D

NUT FAMILY, GOOD TALKING to y'all on the phone/.... I was heading out of town and hit the "DEAD SPOT" ... OOPS/////..... OHH WELL....

Glad ya had fun !!
I thought ya hung up on me. So I cried all night long

NOT!!! It was fun Moosie and would like to finish the conversation some time.
This time on me,my dime. ;)
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