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Other then the AZ crowd...


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Who's fired up for their ELK hunts ?!?!?!

Due to my Sheep tag I drew my vacation will be slip, but the First week of November should see an Elk fall in the Sawtooths :D
I'm absolutely pumped for elk season even if it is a general tag in a poor unit. I know where there should be some elk and with no college to get in the way this year I'm taking 9 days in a row to hunt them. It should be a blast and with some luck I might even stick an elk.
Well this Zonie is totally happy about his first Elk hunt! Ofcourse I put in for a muz tag in my own state, but figured I had as good a chance as a snowball in hell anyways.

Idaho Panhandle, here I come!!!
:D :D
I'm absolutely stoked to be going to New Mexico this Year Moosie. Good luck in the Sawtooths...I know I'm going to miss my annual trip to Stanley. Cool little town. I'm not counting on drawing in AZ with all the crap they are going through. Now if I can find a way to rent a pack mule....I forecast lots of tough hiking. ;)

I am getting the horses fattened.......that last push before bow season in about 5 weeks and a few days. If things go as planned.......I look to harvest two nice representative bulls in the coming weeks.......

.......yepper, I guess you could say I was excited. Not a whole lot has gotten me excited in the last year .......but the thought of bugling bulls, sticks and strings, and racing heart arithmia has definitely got the ol' juices flowing for the first time in a long time........
I'm excited, no dout about it !
This will be the first time I've hunted elk without two+ feet of snow and sub 0 tempratures.
I sure hope Arizona gets this mess streightened out to everyones satisfaction.

Typically the elk & deer hunt that I take every year in Colorado's 3rd season is the highlight of the year for me. But this year things are different. Like yourself, I have another hunt lined up that is the generator for most of my anticipation. I am going on my first Alaska hunt, leaving in about a month and will stay for 6 weeks. Most of my enthusiasm has been reserved for that hunt. But on the first Saturday in November, I will be prowling the Colorado mountains looking for wapiti and mulies.

Man I’m ready. I didn’t get my usual camping in this summer and I’m ready, willing and STOKED…………We’ll get one scouting trip in late August, then BANG…..
300-330 inch Colorado bulls are hard to get excited about.
They still excite me!!!
My trip is coming around fast. In just over a month I'll be at my 10,500' base camp in the Weminuche :D :D I can't wait. What a great way to start off the hunting season.

Good luck everyone :D

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