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Mar 4, 2016
Got lucky and got one of these crazy things this morning. It’s a wonder as bad as I screwed up my first setup up. Got in super early to the edge of a field they like to roost at. As soon as it started breaking I could see a big turkey roosted at 80 yards. As it lightened up I was positive it had a big ole beard hanging down. A few minutes later one gobbled at 200 yards on the other point. Then 3 more up on another ridge behind me and 2 down towards another field below me. I was still confused why the one with the big beard 80 yards away hadn’t let loose. Well a few minutes later she (with no beard) started yelping like she was the loneliest hen ever. I know how this normally plays out so I was like no not today lady. I made a decision to run her ass off before she flew to the bird close to me. I’ve thought about doing this before and always chickened out. So I crossed the fence to the woods and ran her off. I was going to cut half way to him and setup. Went about 20 yards and turkeys started flying off everywhere right over towards the point he was on. I stood there pissed at myself for about 5 minutes and he never made a peep. Meanwhile, the ones on the ridge behind me and the point below me were gobbling their heads off. So I left him and dropped down the ridge. I was in between the two gobbling groups. Called two or three times and heard one gobble above me. I decided I better sit down and see what happens. A few minutes later I got a glimpse of this guy trying to sneak in beside me. I made a soft yelp and stopped him and let him have it. Went real quick from “I messed this up” to bird on the ground!
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