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Only Two Months


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
til I know if I get to go after moose and/or sheep this year. I got the apps in, in plenty of time but will not know until around the first of May.
Best of luck Bill!!
Thanks TK. I have maximum amount of points for moose and only 3 for sheep. Every year they seem that it is important to send my money back to me. For once I wish they would send me a tag instead.
If I could get him down here at that time I would have him pack the whole thing out.
It would be nice to have some fresh moose or sheep steaks to go with the elk steaks though.
Hey Bill, is this going to be a party hunt. Ain't never shot a moose either.

This just might be my best hunt ever

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I do have a few, not as many as a lot of guys but my fair share. Like I told you on the phone, I take like 4 with me and just depends on the day's plan as to which one I am going to use. Glad I had the backup last year when I lost a screw out of my 7mm mag. I am close enough to home I can go in and get another, but why bother if Idon't have to.
Bill, you didn't answer me. If you get a moose tag is this going to be a party hunt. never killed a moose either.
No I didn't answer you, I didn't even see that post. Went right by it. Don't know about a party hunt, but if I get one we can sure have a party.
The season for moose would open on the 10th and run til the end of October and the area I put in for is the same area I elk hunt in.
Sure hope you get a tag. I would like to try for a moose one day. Next year I think I going to go for a bou in alaska if the hunttalk bunch gose up there.
One of these days I would also like to do a bou hunt. It is just not possible for me to do next year I don't think.

If I get drawn for sheep, the season starts on the 1rst of September so I hope to get one, if I get drawn, early before you guys come out.
Good luck on the tags Bill

I have a friend in Maine that has been after me for the past couple of years to comw up and moose hunt. The best thing is its only $30.00 for the chances at the draw and only $250.00 if you draw.
That's a good deal Brian. You should take him up the offer.

It would seem fitting wouldn't it. Most of my hunting is done with my 7 mag, but like anything in life, we need a little variety now don't we. Maybe if I get drawn it will go down with my 338 or my even my handgun.