One part whiskey, one part old friend, one part Dad's deer...


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Dec 20, 2000
I just got back to UT from IN. I went home for a wedding and a few things hit the ground. I got in on Thurs (13th). Dad and I grabbed a bite to eat and stopped by the adult beverage store on the way home. We had a couple of beers while catching up then I started on the cocktails. He turned in and a few minutes later an old friend whom I haven't seen in 11 months showed up. Next thing I know its 2am, the fifth is empty and there's a number of empty beer cans on the counter (this'll make some sense shortly). Dad kicks me awake at 4am so I could tag along with him for the last day of the early bow season. This day has some significance for Dad. He had a streak of 7 years in a row where he killed a buck on the last day of bow season from the same stand. Though he would be hunting another stand it was only 40yds from the aforementioned 'Cedar Tree' stand. He goes to his stand and I follow the throbbing of my headache to the base of a pine tree near the 'Cedar Tree'. In the first 1.5hrs the only action I had was a couple of sqirrels. Just as I was getting comfortable for a short nap I hear Dad shoot, immediately followed by a loud THWACK! Seconds later a nice 8pt (4X4 for miller) comes trotting by me with an arrow sticking out of its left shoulder. It heads south out of sight. I meet dad at his stand and we follow the blood trail out and here's where things get interesting. I had lipped off to Dad earlier that he'd never have to gut another deer when I was with him. So, after the customary high fives and congrats I start to work with me knife. About half way through dressing the deer out, I accidentally cut the intestines open. Being hungover and catch a whiff of that is not particularly pleasant, but I kept my groceries and finished the job. I've only been with dad one other time that he'd killed a deer, so this one was nice!

About as good as it gets.

Dad with his deer.

Close up of the deer.

For perspective, I'm 5'10" and 235#

More whacking and stacking photos/stories to follow...

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Nice buck! Sounds like you had a good trip. You got that full body mount done quickly! (your dad looks REALLY familiar...

How come you didn't rake the leaves for your dad? You worthless piece of.....

Operating with Hangovers gets more difficult as you get older.... Be careful....

And in Indiana, does everybody hug their deer?

C'mon, where are the pics in the field, or did you actually shoot it in th Cedar tree in the backyard?

For a long story, there sure are more questions that need answered....
I quit raking leaves when I...well, I still do, but he has to make me!
The hangover work was suprisingly hard. I guess living in UT has me getting out of practice, which I was never short of a few years ago. The hugging picture was taken for another guy who'd done the same. Just thought it was funny, plus I was lonely. Yeah, field pics. The wife had the digital and we forgot to pack Dad's camera along. I have a field photo coming shortly.
1-POINTER, WELCOME back !!!! I was wondering the same on the Deer. Next time we go elk hunting I was wondering if you could do that to the elk

Tell your DAD Moosie Say's hi. Haven't seen him in Awhile, Hell, I ain't seen you in Awhile. We're hittin gthe river for some Quackers in the AM, How soon can ya get here ?!??!

Why would your Wife have the Digi ? Hummm Was she doing a Photo shoot whil;e you were hunting
(If so lemme know, I'd pay ya for pictures
Yeah, she was at a photo shoot...for her sisters wedding! Guess what followed me home? A camo'd 12ga, that is begging for some duckin'! I may have to wait till the new year, but will try to convince the Boss that I've been good. I'll pass along the congrats. He doesn't post, but lurks quite abit.

You can be bet, that if I ever get an elk, I'll try a like picture. Heck, the spikes you shoot can't be much bigger can they?
Don't be too hard on me, but I'd guess that it dressed out at about 150#, maybe a hair more.
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