OK.. Some more Pictures and a short Story...


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Got to Montana without any hassles this time. I did get stopped by the cops 1/4 mile from W.W.'s house for Speeding (AGAIN).. But as luck would have it, this weekend was different and I walked away Ticketless. That was my first clue it was going to be an AWSOME weekend.

2:30AM came early. I did have a nice sleep on the Hideaway couch shared with Booner the black dog (I think thats his name). He felt he needed to take up 3/4 the bed, So kind of like Sleeping with the wife *SMILE*

We drove to Yellowstone and shot the elk... End of story...


.. OK , theres a bit more to it then that, And incase someone doesn't know I like to joke, We were FAR from Jelly stone, like 100 feet !!! We headed East or north or west or south MAYBE.... somewere for a long time. Then the Hike began. The wind was Howling and the hills were steep. Maybe it was my Candy ass thats not used to hikeing 10~15 miles back in during the night, But rumor has it to get a bull you have to do this, So I figured I'd give it a wirl and Cry the whole time !!! HELL it was dark and W.W. had on friggin Running shoes I think.

We were just entering a spot when I seen the bull. W.W. took awhile to see it. He was focussing on something further away maybe ?!?! But the elk I saw was around 170 yards and stood up. It was Snowing and was bedded down white as snow!!! Uhhh Thats becasue It was snowing, Go figure.

I swung the gun over and Asked if it was a shooter, Being that far back in He said He'd kick My A$$ if I dropped the hammer on a lesser bull. When he was glassing it I think I heard "HOLEY F***, theres "2" bulls.. both Shooters !!" He wasn't ready and My bull was leaving, I saw the other bull start to stand and the AWSOME rack it was toating. I concentrated on mine and Said.. CAN I SHOOT ? Finally he said YES and it took me like .1 seconds to drop the hammer. They both took off and he shot and missed. I think I might have rushed it but he never blamed me (TO MY FACE) J/K

Becasue it all happened so fast he didn't take the scope off of 3x like I did.. I was Zoomed into the elks butt !! Just like the Yetti wanted me to *WINK*

Anyways, we tracked the critters in the Snow. The tracks covered fast but we were able to find the elk about 500 yards off.

We took some quick pics and then W.W. took of after the other elk to try to find it. Unfortunately all he cut were it's tracks and it wasn't thinking about slowing down.

I deboned the Elk and caped it out.. Not before having it slip and ALMOST knocking me out with its antlers while I was trying to hold it's 800 or so pound from sliding down the hill. HERE is a picture of my FACE today, The antler swung around and Knocked me off my feet. I was sure I was Laying there with a Broken nose, Fortunately I didn't have to go to the doctors like Russel T. *SMILE*

LOOK at my banged up NOSE and the SWELLING vertical across my forehead, Compliments of the DEAD ELK !!!!


WELL, here is me and the Elk with different angles so you can see if it is a Full curl ram or not !!!!





HERE is W.W. finishing caping the ELK by the fire.


HEre is him getting ready to make the 15 mile hike out, He packed more then me on Every trip Those Montana boys Are truely STUDS !!! Except for Fuggingood hunter (J/K, I need to say that so I don't get the Floor mopped with my face next time we hook up *L* )



Don't quote me on the MILES, I like to be conservative. It might be more, But then again I was checked for GPS's and location devises and Was blindfolded till we got in so is not to be able to tell anyone were it is .... *WINK*

I had a great time hunting deer this weekend... but man I wish I would have stayed home to tag along on that hunt!!! Awesome!!

Congratulations Oscar!

Isn't it time WW slayed an elk??
Way to cool Moose. Congrats X 3!!!

Of course we owe W.W a big thumbs up! :D

I guess you're going to blame being so pumped up from dropping your bull that you mistakingly put on those faggy pants when you got home! J/J :D :D :D
Wow, what a beaut Moosie! I hope you gave WW a little somethin somethin while he was driving you back to town!! :D

Congrats to you too WW, you guys both worked for that fugger! And yeah, like GH says, its your time isn't it?!

Congrats again Moosie, are we gonna have "guess the score" pretty soon!

My guess is....hmmmm....howabout....332 3/8???

Please forgive if its significantly larger!

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So let me get this right, last time you came to Montana and try to fight the biggest fella in the bar. The next time you get your ass kicked by a dead elk. Apparently you were a little worn out after the trek into Yellowstone :D .

Did I hear that right, you slept with a dog named Boner? Oh wait, had to check, I guess Booner is innocent enough.

Seriously, sounds like you had a great time and killed a hell of a bull. Nothing like some good pictures for great memories.
That spike is a beauty, WTG. Now that is proof that you do go just for the hunting. ;) ;) Does this mean I don't get, I mean have to check up on the little woman while your gone anymore?? :D :D
Ithica.. WHAT part don't you believe, the hikeing or the direction we went, Either way, It's my story and I'm sticking to it :D

Elky, Wish I was with y'all !!! Thanx for the Kudos and wish the "BOYS" luck for me !!

TKm I have a pic of the hat.. BUT it might be tomorrow till it's scanned.. And It might have to go in the "ADULT SECTION" HAHAH !! AnyWAYS, If ELKY makes me put it there, I'll E-mail it to ya ;)

Greeny, YAH, I think W.W. missed the elk so he can go back up. I think he likes those 2,000 mile hikes !!!! Wish you were there too bud...

DELW.. THANX, YAH the hat, PIC to come maybe tomorrow
It was in W.W.'s Garage too, ALL I can say is his Roommate came out and I had ALOT of explaining to do. He was jsut shaking his head.. I think with W.W. and a camera and Me butt nekid, What can a guy say ?!?! *SMILE*

Carnivore, Those are my FAVORITE pants, HELL, I was wearingthem in the hills .. HAHA!!!

AZ402, I like the New SIG !!! HAHAH !!! YAH, COld was an understatement, when that rack hit me in the face, being that cold I nearly died... W.W. wasn't there but I could imagine him coming back and I'm laying out STONE Cold next to the elk.. HAHA !!

Horn Seeker, YAH, We can have a guess the score, Start a topic and We can see, All I can say is I jsut scored it, BUTwhat the hell do I know about following directions .. HEHE It scored 11,476 6/8 for me, But thats +- a few probably.. HEHE Seriously though, I have it scored (LIKe IT MATTERS to me though....) I just enjoyed hunting with GREENY and W.W. this year, I learned ALOT about elk hunting and hikeing in gereral. Having fun is what it's about, And them boys know ALL about that !!!


MTMILLER, YEPO !! Something about Montana that brings out the bad in me I guess ... I actually tried to cal you last time I was Deer hunting in Eastern Montana but something about a disconected phone ?!?! Email me sometime again. AND yep.... It was a "NICE" dog...

WYLEE, Please check up on the little lady for me.... THAT would give me more time hunting !! THANX BRO !!!
Man.. I just noticed WW's hat.. WHAT's UP with THAT?? Is that a giant condom cap? Is that left over from Halloween?
I have to hand it to ya Oscar.....you da man!
Congrats on that fine bull and mule deer, you must have one heck of a freezer.

BTW..... what's with all that flouresant orange crap y'all wear, are there Texican hunters up there :rolleyes:


Yeah that's a really great bull. Congrats.

That first picture is really surprising. You might try to warn us in the future so that we can block pictures like that from our children. :D

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