ok! how bout that Caribou hunt now?

Daniel in Ak

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Mar 22, 2004
Well after getting that Bear on Monday,Tuesday we drove back inot Tok to seal her and get a good breakfast mmmmm,mmmmm good! I love my breakfast.Not that I planned it that way ;)
And so Tuesday was shot,so we started out first thing Wednesday morning and this is basically the we had to deal with.

Gotta love it huh? Here we are Wednesday morning now and I got the fellas lagging behind cause I want to get into the area before the crowds and I spot some animals.They catch up and I inform them what I saw but we need to get closer,so Off I go.'Bout a half mile off I deffinetlly know they where bulls(eleven of them to be exact).And again they catch up as Im glassing them and they joined in....Ok here's what we need to do boys,they are headed up that dram yonder and we can cut em off at the pass lets go.Vrooooooom! Daniel takes off parks behind a rock outcropping and off loads gun,throws jacket off grabs the binos and wha?????? hey! where? oh! come on fellas.They went traipsing down the ridge we saw them from.Dang! ahhh! forget it.....oh! hey Moosie how's this for distance ;) I run up the hill all 50 yards of it and have two bulls eighty yards down the hill SWEEEEEEEET!,but where's the rest? There they are wahoo! 130 yards off
First bull that seperates himself from the group is BOOM! and then a pfffft! as another guy comes running over the hill and gut shoots him :( and then BOOM! that ol' .338 roars again.And here's my little un'.

Here is another angle of my smile uhhhh! I mean the bull!

Enough of the smile already my cheeks hurt.After that rough climb up that monster 50 yard hill ahem! I walked back down to the four wheeler and drove right up to the dinkie......I mean holy froot-Loops Batman it's a monster hee-hee! Yep Thats what I thought when I walked up to him.Anyhow Moosie and crew I had to lift that sucker three and a half foot up to the rack on the four wheeler yeah! buddy,now thats huntin'.......Daniel style. Here he is all loaded up and ready to go home.

But do ya'll know whats better than a monster rack on your quad? It's enjoying the moment and solitude.That's what I think when I see my little brother here doing just that.

Hope ya'll enjoy'd my little piece of Alaska for now.Ya'll come back now hear? Daniel
Sounds like a quick hunt.LOL Nice bull you got there on your 4 wheeler. How come you didnt shoot him off of it? LOL Great job on pics and story. Sounds like you had a great hunt.
Nice caribou!!! Nice pics too. But I don't see a pic showing the size of your backside!!! :D :D :D
I'm just kidding. I have no right to judge anybody. Don't own a quad but I have a fat ass! ;) don
I had to lift that sucker three and a half foot up to the rack on the four wheeler yeah! buddy
Heeeheee! Danman is getting out the salt!

Way to go on the 'bou- you're having quite the Fall so far, what's next on the plate?
I gotta do that AK thang one of these days (before I have to use a walker LOL) be it sans quad or not ;)
I guess you're pretty excited about it. Good story! Congratulations! He's great! Way to go! You got multiple tags for them? Can't a resident get like 5 of them, if they want? Wow!
Thanks for the kudo's fellas.Hmmm! what's next on the plate you ask? How bout a fat caribou steak,with some salmon patties and a couple of grouse on the side ;)
And I didnt strain myself to bad this time,like I said it was lifting the rack three and a half feet up to the wheeler rack that hurt Hahahahaha! Daniel
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