Now Cali!!!



Now Cali.....there was no "Doug Debate " as you put fact, the only guy who ever mention "Doug" was Roland......the rest were simply talking about some guy named Pug!LOLOLOLOLOLOLLOOL.....come on Cali......LIGHTEN UP!!!!! ;)
Wonder if Cali got an email from a "guest" complaining because Pug was mentioned?

I just want to know what isnt true in that thread, also want to know what warrants a lock down? HMMMMM??????
I laugh as much as the next guy, ;) but I could just see someone having to top Buzz's story, or go on about "what about the time he..." :eek: and then we have all the problems back that we have blissfully not missed the last several months. Like I said, let sleeping dougs lie...

Nope, Buzz - got no email from "guests." The last time Moosie and I talked about it, I was told that the subject was one to be monitored closely so as not to start any wars again. So I'm just doing what the boss asked me to.
Hahaha...your last two words Cali were.."Doug" and "lie"..what a match! :eek: :D ;)
Hey Buzz......I think she was just pissed you didn't stop and help them scrub down the old "Big Rig" Sunday!LOOLOLOL ;) :D :eek: :rolleyes:
:cool: .....but you were exporting bull elk from the Medicine Bow!

I like him, he kind of reminds me of Buzz being quick to give an opinion based on some good and bad experiences. He doesn't bull around as much as DS though. haha

Wow, Greenhorn after 3 elk, whew! This could be something!! He might get mad that those guys can't keep up with him, unless they are on horses, then they might? They're still the hunters, Greenhorn's just the guide. :cool:
Leave it to the new guy to get an old crusty scab reopened, without even knowing it. Sorry fellas...I just had to know ...:D :D :D
No Ridgetop!.let us thank you!'s always good to have a good laugh, rught buzz?!LOL
Just be glad Indy or Anaconda aren't logged on right now or this could get ugly quick!!!!! :eek:

But I do agree with Cali......let's keep this a Pug-free's cleaner air to breathe and Lord ain't it good! ;)
You didn't Roland......really. And congrats on you nice 6x6!

Just know that most everyone here was also friends with Pug at one point, and he has no one to blame but himself for how he handles his personal relationships and why they usually end up badly........

No, you didn't stir the pot,......that is just old salt in deep wounds......

Again, CONGRATULATIONS on your bull!..and may you have as good of fortune this year!

Moooooving back to the original topic, I feel sorry for flatlanders from Texas who have to go hunting with Greenhorn. I don't even know the guy and I know that he is apparently half billy goat. That mountain run a few weeks ago just proved it! Maybe he's packing them in on his back? :eek:
No problem, Roland - you're entitled to your opinion and you didn't bring up the subject. Just some subjects are best left alone, like talking about someone's kids, their dog, religion or their spouse.

dgibson - you got that right. I leave it to those young guys like Moosie to try to keep up with GH.
no problem calif hunter.

DS went to Oregon this year, but no luck. Probably go back to Wyoming next year if I can get drawn or New Mexico Unit 16B.

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 09-18-2002 16:55: Message edited by: roland from calif. ]</font> bowhunting 16b?...I thought that tag was like 70-80% for bow? I almost put in for it last year......but couldn't make the time had I drawn........but it is HIGH on my list for the next couple of years......either 15 or 16...both good archery units I think.
our guide said we should draw. The area he is hunting in is 18 miles in on horseback. He went 3 for 5 (two 5x6's and a 300+ 6x6)with this years hunters and didn't feel that he had a good year. Wayne told me that they got on a 340 bull but couldn't get any shoots. I'll have some pictures from him in a few days and no more about the quality of elk he's hunting.
Cali, good luck on your muzzleloader hunt.

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 09-19-2002 09:21: Message edited by: roland from calif. ]</font>
Friggin awsome Rowland!!!!!18 miles on horseback!...sounds like your locked in....take tons of pix!

Cali.....ah, a smoke pole in New too should take tons of film, bro!.......I'm feeling a big bull in your near future!
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