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Apr 28, 2001
,,,This deer season, but a good time in the woods..We're seeing quite a few deer, but no shooters so far...I take that back,,Quick Draw and I saw a big 2 point last Sunday..We wanted to shoot it, but the deer didn't want to be shot :mad: (Just a few more seconds)..

Lady Nutcracker and I went out Sat. afternoon, until dark...We did more parking and sparking than hunting :D ,but we did see 6 just before dark..5 does, and one spike...(I could have shot the spike,but just chose to watch them, besides Becky really don't like to see animals killed :rolleyes: )

The weather has changed from wet to sunny, with a big bright moon, so today I'm going to work on the old to get it working so we can leave that dang cell phone at home...I'm planning to go out this afternoon and just check on a few areas that we put some sentpads in yesterday...