Nosler's new AccuBond bullet


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Dec 20, 2000
I got this from another site and it was posted by John Barsness. Looks promising!!!

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Am posting this on the handloading forum as well. Just got Nosler's 2003 press release and they are introducing a new line, called AccuBond, which appear to be bonded-core Ballistic Tips. The first ones will be 140 .270, 160 7mm, 200 .30, 225 .338 and 260 .375. It also appears that the 260 .375 Ballistic Tip has been dropped in favor of the new bullet, as it doesn't appear in their latest catalog/poster.

The new bullet features the same gilding metal jacket Nosler uses on all BT's and Partitions. Most bonded-core bullets (Swift, Trophy Bonded, Kodiak, Norma Oryx, Bitterroot, etc.) use copper jackets which, as we all know, can really foul some bores.

Something similar from the same source:
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Just got another, very sketchy press release from Hornady, about their new Interbond bonded-core bullet, which will appear first in 130 .270, 139 7mm, 154 7mm, 150 .30 and 165 .30. They don't say whether it has a plastic tip or not, but they do say that it has a thicker, tougher jacket and will retain over 90% of its weight with "expansion over twice the bullet diameter." (This may or may not be good, depending on what use you want to make of the new bullet.) They also claim that it's very accurate, and the "performance doesn't mean an outrageous price."

Hello 1pointer you big stud. I just picked up some literature on the new Nosler the other day. Shows a cross section of the bullet. Outwardly, it appears to be a Nosler ballistic tip, complete with boat tail, and plastic tip.

The cross sections shows that the jacket is really thick down towards the lower half of the bullet. It also tells that the jacket is made tougher and is "Bonded" to the lead core.

Rumor has it that Hornady will answer with one similar pretty soon. WD
To compete with the Sirrocco. All their weights are just higher than the Swift. I think the new crop of Ultra Mags may also have something to do with it. I don't know? Just thought I'd pass it along.
I think it was in part what Calif. Hunter said and also to compete with Hornady. I think their SST bullets are giving Nosler some competition along with a few others, so they are releasing an improved version of their old B.T.

I still have to try the Hornady SST's and will be putting in an order at after the holidays.

Jude, Save your money.. I bought 500 of the 140 grain 6.5 Hornadys and they won't shoot worth crap in any of my rifles. Well, better than factory stuff, but I only have two rifles that shoot factory stuff. The 6.5-06 doesn't like them and the WSM shoots them but not as well as the partitions. The Swede is just barely tolerant of them.

I still have a couple of hundred left. If you want them, I'll make you a hell of a deal...

Dan, I wasn't planning on shooting the 140's (was thinking about the 129gr.) but would be interested in the price. How many do you have left? I would be willing to split them with 1_pointer. This would be after the holidays like I mentioned earlier.

I think you guys are lucky. I think I have some 400 left, but I'll have to check. I'll post quantity and the price I need for them. You can decide if you are interested.

I haven't tried any of the 140 SST's, but my 6.5-06AI likes the 129's. Although I am not overly impressed with their performance on game.

Have shot 2 deer with them and I prefer the regular 129 Interlock.

Jest my opinion.

Like Pecos, I've not tried the 140gr 6.5 SST's either, and my 6.5-06 really likes the 129gr SST's. I've seen VERY good accuracy with them all the way out to 350yds (which is as far as I've had time to check them so far). Had to tweek the powder/and bullet seating depth a bit to get it there but it was worth the day or two work I put into it.

Again agreeing with Pecos on performance of the 129's, I saw some great things and one slightly less than great thing out of the 6.5's, and 6mm SST's. In the '06 with 150gr SST's nothing but good results with it from my limited experience with it.

Their (SST's) good accuracy helps in shot placement which in turn helps in a clean harvest within their capabilities,IMHO.

Just guessing on the Nosler Accubond bullet, maybe they are trying to compete with the Bearclaws and other such bullets for hunters that demand a pass through on their game, no matter where it is hit. WD

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