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No opening day turkey but I got a turkey slayer!


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Dec 4, 2013
Decatur, OH
Dad and I went out this morning for opening day of Ohio spring turkey season. The weather was pretty lousy so we sat in a blind that we built a couple years ago to keep out of the rain We hoped that one came into the field we were on. We set out 3 hen decoys also. About 30 minutes after daylight, I looked over to my left and saw this one sneaking in on the decoys. A good dose of #5 through the Mossberg 535 XX-full choke at about 20 yards to the head didn't do her any good at all :D Anyways, I'm glad to get this big old female out of the pack and hopefully save a few turkeys and fawns.


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Nice job on the yote. I passed on turkey hunting this morning and went to work due to the expected weather, I'll wait until the weekend now. Good luck!
I always seem to call in at least one yote during our spring season.Of course I'm never ready when they show up,and they don't like to pose for a shot.Congrats to you on the kill.I'm sure you helped out some turkey chicks and some adults,along with the fawnsIn my area, when the yotes start to get thick in an area, every animal is effected.They are killing machines and have ruined some of my best turkey areas.I don't know how they catch them but they sure do a number on the turkey population,not to mention deer herds
You did good! Saved a lot of critters. Good luck with your gobbler.