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  • Hey buddy tried to send you a PM but your box is full. Hope you drew your WY tag. I drew the general tag so come on September.
    Havent heard from you since you left for your hunt. I think you said 4 days of hunting so I'm guessing you are finishing up. not hearing from you has me worried that my spots didnt produce for you. hope to hear good news from you.
    Scott, send me your email address. I have sent some messages but I don't think they went through. My email is [email protected]. We have messaged each other a few times but I had a frw other questions. We have 2 pts for elk and deer. Do you need our pts to help your odds to draw? Can I draw a cow tag and save my pts? My cell number is 412-974-8304.
    I'll try and give you a call this weekend.I live up in Jim Thorpe which is pretty close to you.In fact, I'll be traveling down your way tomorrow to set out some mink traps along the river.Hunting out west is more of what I'm into as compared to hunting local here
    Who should I ask for??
    Hey I tried to get in contact with you a few times since summer. I would be great to talk one nite about out west hunting. We were 4 for 4 on bulls in new mexico this year. Biggest went about 345-350. I will be heading back out in feb for my best friends orxy hunt. It will be my third time on the rhodes canyon hunt. I live in Brodheadsville and am from Bowmanstown. give me a call. 484-357-8232 been out west 20 times.
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