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Dec 21, 2000
Billings, MT, USA
So I've been hunting pretty hard this year, seen a couple bulls at vast distances, passed up several easy shots at cows, they wont be so lucky the last week of the season. Anyhow, things are still good and I've got some sweet pics of good critters and lots of memories.

Today I was actually muley hunting in N. Idaho and all I could hear throughout this canyon that was supposed to be loaded with mulies was moose grunting, moaning, raking, fighting and phucking. It was a kick (I'd still rather had a muley show up though!) Here's a pic of one bull that wasn't obscured by the ever present brush of that area!

My dad and I set an elk camp up in the Pioneers on Halloween night.

Closer look at the Jack-O-Lantern!

Doesn't it look like a good bull could live in this country? I couldn't fine one!

Here are a couple nice rams I saw in the Bitterroot. Could have speered either of them, pretty tame.


The guy above is big, this guy is just "nice".

And this guy is a dink! Although I'll bet that ewe doesn't think so when he mounts up!

To be continued!
Cool pic of one crossing the river.

And finally...Rockydog and I headed for a nice little hike on Saturday to try and waylay a bull or two. We saw one and some cows, but they were all LONG cross canyon views. While crossing one of these canyons I spotted a really tall "rub" on a tree and we went to investigate. It was just behind me in this pic..

There was a big hold under that huge bolder...

And there were these big tracks all around with big sharp claws on the ends....I guess the tracks belonged to this guy...

Pretty darn cool. Stuck my camera in the hole and snapped a flash photo while Rocky backed me up by pointing his 300 by my noggin into the hole. We were pretty surprised to see the results. Awe, the beauty of digital, could see the pics on sight. I through a butter finger in there and we left her alone. From the tracks around, it looks like two bears in there, a big sow and maybe a 1 or 2 year old cub, not this years though. Oh yeah, the rub was a bear tree, not an elk.

Hope ya'll like the pics!

very cool pics!! you have some big cajones poking around holes like that-i'd be to worried about getting mine biten off!!!!
Seeker those are some great shots...that one is quite the ram! A little halloween treat for the booboo, what a nice guy ;)
Cool Pics...Makes me feel like I was there!!
Like the Pumpkin carving!!
And all the photos are great!!
We'll be waiting for more..
My camera is an Olympus C-750. I really like it and would reccomend it. One thing I really like is that it takes AA batteries, so when you have to get new ones it doesn't cost $60 like the proprietory batteries some cameras have. I use Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeables and get exceptional life from them, but I can alos pop a new set of AA Duracels in there in a pinch. They dont last long though.

The only other camera to get in my opinion is the Panasonic FZ 10. That camera is awesome, has a Leica lens. Just look at Deerkings pics from the past.

Thanks for comments. I was surprised that the bear didn't charge out after the flash photo, but she was totally relaxed.

So how long is that rams left horn? Anyone? Is it well over 40? Must be right?
Here's another pic of that huge ram. What's he score on the left? Do they deduct on sheep for symmetry? Yeah, they must. Anyhow, his left is awesome.


You dont deduct on length measurements for sheep, only for mass measurements.

I'd bet that sheep is 40-41 inches on the long side and still probably 37 on the short side. I doubt he'd book though, he may squeak in, but not enough mass to be a solid record booker. His bases are probably right near 15 inches.

Montana rams are any other state, that would be a huge, huge sheep, in Montana, its a good one, but not a great one (depending on the area).

Sure would be a pretty one on the wall though...

Great pictures.
Yup, He's a beauty. I bet he'd score in the high 170's, might even get to 180 and squeak in, as Buzz said. See that chunk out of his long horn? If that's where the tape went around it could hurt just enough to keep him below 180. It would be that close.

I can't be sure about the age, but he might be ten years old. Ram mortality is about 50% for every year over eight-----meaning when they get to eight years old, about 50% of them die every year after that age.

I think any ram that's ten years old is a great trophy, no matter what he scores.

Anyone would be real proud to get a ram like that one. Thanks for the pictures.
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