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No elk, but a good time


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Dec 20, 2000
No elk were harvested or seen on the opening weekend. Did see quite a few hunters, a bull moose with a cow and calf, a dead muley that was shot in the ass (no really). The 3-6" of crusty snow was a bit of a suprise, but a good time was had by all.
Keep at it!
It's great to see everyone being so positive. I think this site is filled with a bunch of Corky Ramano wanna bes.

My take on our fun weekend however is "YOU SUCK!" You must be one lazy A$$ when it comes to scouting. Do yourself a favor and remove your head from that area of your body where the sun doesn't shine and take tile number 4 and tile number 8 because you don't have a clue!
Thanks for the replies.

Yeti, I know, I've said so myself. :D Don't worry about my delicate sensitivities I lost 'em a long time ago. Again thanks for being there for me, I appreciate it!!!

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1-P Glad you had a great time. It's your first year hunting out there so don't let Yetty get you down. He probably ties his elk to a tree and waits for the season to open. :D

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1-pointer......what state? You should be able to locate some elk if they are there...just keep at it! Sometimes I swear there is not a elk within a 100 miles, or so it seems......then you'll hit a little pocket that is over-run with don't get discouraged.......when it seems the bleekest is the time to get back after them ;) ...hopefully your season is not done.....good luck.
Good to hear you're out there! The rut around here's been pretty late this year, I think due to the heat. Took us 3 weeks to get on the herd.

Must be a sad case of a 'Yetti' that sits in front of a computer, watches sitcoms and plays boardgames? :rolleyes: Come on up to the Great White North and a BIGFOOT will school a geek of a 'Yetti'... ;)

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I'm hunting in UT. I talked to a prof. this morning whose hunted the same general area for about 7 years. No one is finding any elk. His thoughts are that the combination of fire, drought, and early snow have moved them somewhere else. My dad and I'll be out looking for them again this weekend.
Glad you had fun. So is your season over or do you get to give them elk another chance to commit swercide ?
Keep after em, every hunt that learn something is a sucsess.
Sounds like it was a fun time. Good luck next time. Dont listen to Yetti he sounds like a cocky shithead. :eek:
I was just trying to motivate the guy! Most of my "No elk but a good time" stories start out like Andrew Dice Clay's stand up comedy performances. So excuse me for being a little shocked by what was to follow. The comments above just sort of slipped out.

Please don't question my skills as a hunter. Few people will argue that I am greatest hunter to ever live. I'll post a picture of my latest titanic elk soon as proof.
Yetti Says <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Please don't question my skills as a hunter <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I won't ever do that again if you show me your last 3 elk... HELL.. MAKE it your last "2" not just your last one :D :D :D


1-pointer, glad you had fun. keep up the good work. It will all work out in the end. Elk hunting is like getting lucky, Keep trying and eventually something will happen ;)
Moosie- I think the analogy to getting lucky is a bad one. At least for that one ALWAYS has a substitute!!!

I'm gonna have to go to MT and drink some of that water. Seems to imbibe a person with great hunting abilities!!!;) Yetti, I'd love to see pics of your elk...and your frank and beans!!!!:D I can sympathize there, I've been bitten and bloodied by the zipper before. Not fun.

You seem like a funny guy who also has some game! I totally agree with your comments above. I think of picking up chicks the same way. It's like Bass fishing. Just keep casting and sooner or later you'll get a bit. You're right that works the same way for elk hunting. The more time you spend out there the better your chances of scoring. But having some game/skills also helps a lot. For example old Greenhorn doesn't seem to spend to much time in the field during the season.
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