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Nine days left!

Ithaca 37

New member
Mar 4, 2001
Home of the free, Land of the brave
Only nine more days of chukar hunting in Oregon and then I gotta wait seven long months for bird season to start again! I always have a tough time explaining the season is over to Scout. She thinks we should be able to hunt birds 365 days a year!
We're gonna try to get out at least three more times before it's over. The hell with the Super Bowl!
Remember us when you're out there Ith. I know what you mean about the dog. My GSP always gets excited when I get ready for work (military), but then I just leave and she has no clue where I'm going. I just tell her "not today girl, not today". She loves it just as much as I do.

For all of those whose season is winding down, Happy Hunting!
Been gettin' some real good last of the season hunts in. Had a great day today! Combination chukar and quail hunt. Three more days to go, but I got a lot of work to get done. Hope I can get one more day of hunting in.
Work? Since when did anyone let that get in the way of good hunting opportunities? The work will still be there when you get back.