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Dec 19, 2000
..and who's that little boy that resembles me?

Nice racks!! (on all accounts)

How much did she charge you for that?
YAHHHHH.. I'd mount that :D :D

Hey Greeny, Who's Backyard is that ? I know iut's not yours.. You live in the City.. That is looknig like a WOOD PALLET fence
Great bucks, which was last years, the mount?

Theoretical question: What would you do if Moosie (since he's the rich bastard) offered to pay you one million dollars to let Thumper sleep with your wife?
Hey homo. Last year's deer isn't in the picture. It's a little bigger than the mounted one, heavier and wider. I shot these ones in Easern MT in 1997-2000. Took the pictures last week for a magazine article becaues the field pictures stink. Ryan Hatch called me and asked for some pictures of mule deer for his new mule deer magazine. He seems liked a nice guy so I'm sending him some.

For a million, I'd sleep with Thumper. I don't think she'd go for it though. I could hunt argalis finally and that sounds like a great deal.
Dang, i had to come look again. Deer that big are few and far between in montana, i thought anyways. What mag. are you gonna be in?

Poor little boy, musta been an ugleeee mailman in your neighborhood.

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It's called Muley Crazy. Lots of nice pictures and big bucks. Mine will be some of the smallest in there I think, maybe in the very back if he decides they are worthy. Some huge bucks in the first one, most score over 200" His website is

I sent some details on those deer in these pictures and on the one I shot in MT this past season, my best one. And about the deer I took from Wyoming in 2000. I had better field pictures of those last two deer. Though I figured a young red-head would make the pictures of these others better.
Thanks i'll go check out the site. Sorry for the stoopid joke, you got a real nice lookin family there. Maybe someday I can be so lucky.
Jeeez I thought it was funny, but I must admit I'm real suprised the WW hasn't had his typical wisecrack yet. I figured he was going to mention that my boy actually resembled him. This picture has been on here for days .. he's getting slow in his old age.
You know, I was thinking it, but I didn't want to say it. I know that is still a touchy subject with you.
I think he actually looks more like a little Doug Boykin.

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You know WW there is some major differences in my son and you. :D For one, he doesn't have pointy ears and secondly, he is well endowed. Impossible that he is related to you.

Oh my gawd.. Pug! You know you may be onto something. He does like to grab my beer bottle and start chugging when I'm not looking. He cries and yells a lot and nobody can seem to understand why. He is also a heck of a truck driver.. that is about his favorite thing to do.

But you know what, I know he can't be Pug's offspring... He looks up at the wall in my den and points to the deer and says, "Buck." Points the the elk and says, "Elk." And everybody knows Pug cannot tell the differnce there. :D

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