New to forum, wanted to say Hi!!!


New member
Dec 9, 2003
Just joined, and wanted to say howdy to everyone. I have always wondered if there was a forum like this. Pretty cool!! How do I put pictures on here?
Well WELCOME ABOARD !!! this isn't the Biggest place in the net.. But it's the best

To post a picture you need to get a place to host your pictures on the net. From there you need to ype in the URL (The http://www. mypicture.jpg part). If you don't have a Place to host them you get that option with the MEMBERSHIP option at the Top of the main page. We'll set you up a place to Host your Pictures and you can Upload all the ones you want. Shoot me an Email

[email protected]
Oh my god, we are being inundated with MT folks.
Welcome Elkslayer. Pull up a seat and share some hunting stories and pics.
Elkslayer, welcome to this bunch of misfits,outcasts,derelicts,mavericks,nonconformists,oddballs,radicals, and otherwise really good folks(even Oscar)!
Welcome, you picked a fine forum to become a part of. Good stuff and not all the whining and bitching that goes on at places like the 24hour campfire. Not nearly so clickish either.
Welcome aboard Elkslayer,
if ya see something here that offends ya, tough.
If ya say something that offends other people, good on ya.

It is mandatory that you tell us a hunting story once in a while, with pictures if you have them.
So did ya go elk hunting this year ? Tell us about it !
Remember, when telling us how big your elk was, you are not allowed to bullchit by more than three points or 100 inches ( deer= two points or fifty inches)