New Mexico Unit 6C Archery Elk Info


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May 27, 2015
My hunting partner and I drew first season (9/1 -9/14) archery tags for elk in New Mexico Unit 6C. We are experienced bowhunters from Idaho, who got lucky in the draw on our first try. I am looking for information on the elk in this unit from anybody who is willing to share. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I work down in Carlsbad, so I have the opportunity to make several weekend scouting trips to the unit several times this summer. We will most likely set up a tent camp along one of the forest roads, and then walk in from camp or drive to an area for day hunts. We are planning to hunt the first 6 or 7 days of the season, before my buddy has to fly back to Idaho. I will probably go back up to unit for the last few days of the season if need be. We are not afraid of doing a little walking to get to the elk.

I have downloaded all of the USGS and BLM topo maps for the unit and marked many of the water sources in areas of the unit that look likely to hold elk. One thing I have noticed from this initial effort is that are few water sources in the portion of the unit south of Valles Caldera, and it looks like the same situation in eastern part of the unit near Los Alamos and the ski area. Any help would be much appreciated.
Try to decide if you want to hunt the northern part of the unit or the southern part. The reservation splits the accessible area in two. Camping in one and driving to the other eats lots of time.