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May 1, 2001
The Beach, Elevation 12' @ low tide
Just found a charge for New Mexico on the Credit Card this morning. 2 Bull tags. First Time I've applied in NM and I have no idea where we are going. Been so long since I applied I'm not even sure of the unit. I think it was Muzz in 15, Rifle in 15 or rifle in 23. Maybe in that order. Who knows. I'm just glad I've got a tag and look forward to hunting in a new place.

We hunted 15-B for muzzleloading a couple of years ago. Jorge got a heavy 5x5, Axel missed a big 6x6 (twice!!!) and I passed on a shot that I thought was a little too far for a muzzleloader I wasn't that familiar with. :( (I would take the shot if it was presented again.) I think thay have combined all of 15 into one unit now, haven't they?

I don't know anything about 23.
Congrats, Roadtrip. Unit 15 is what I drew for. Probably for Oct. 16-20. "The Beach, Elevation 12' @ low tide", are you ready for 8600' elevation. :D Maybe I'll see ya out there.
I figured you'd hunted up there before. Just thought I'd be a smart-ass. Hell, the elevation will get to me every now and then, and I live at 5000'. :D
They must be drawing elk by unit, cause everybody I know that's drawn is in unit 15. Might just be a coincedence.
D.Sims, you must live close to UNM. Do you remember back in the old days when the hunting regs didn't look like a phone book? Deer season was north of I-40 was open for two weeks,then south of I-40 was open.
The hunts were like that when I was just starting to hunt. They even threw in a bear and turkey tag with the deer, if I remember correctly.
I got hit as well with the premuim tag fee. Either the Valle videl or the gila for archery. both real good tags. got me a stiffy big time!
Congrats and good luck.
Way to go Schmalts. I guess you won't be spend two weeks in MT chasing speed goats. ;)

I know you will bring home the big boy this season.
Congrats Gents! New Mexico produces some of the finest Bulls in the Country! I wish you all the best of luck!
Thanks Fecl...I appreciate your honesty. I talked to a guy that lives in Luna and he said they had a big predation hunt there a couple of years ago. Said lots of hunters too. I think I might have to work hard to get away from the crowd....If you know of anyone that might help me...let me know. Thanks.


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