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Headed out for the first morning hunt.super excited for this hunt really hoping my buddy gets his tag punched so I can see one of these up close. I know after seeing one up close like that I’ll want one that much more. I’ve never done this guided thing so far my only complaint would be that he is to professional. I want to hunt with him not have him work for me if that makes sense. I’ll probably mention it later. Another guide showed up in camp yesterday for a bs session after talking with the other guide it became very apparent our guy lives and breathes to hunt these animals. We choose wisely
The first ram happened fast the guide spotted him and I put my spotter on it. Even without hunting these could just kinda tell he was a mature animal. I let the man who knows what he is looking at glance thru my scope and he said 27-28” let’s go. We started closing the gap as the ram fed over the hill. Once he clears the hill we really start hauling over to him. When we break the hill we realize the fence he had been walking along had a corner in it and we figured he had followed it. Couple min later ram pops out in a totally different spot. Before we had broke the ridge the guide had told my buddy to dial his gun to 350 when we spot the ram he says 338 kill him. He drops down and I hand him my shooting sticks. Watching thru my spotter I see the impact. Perfect shot the ram soaked up a 200 grain eldx and made it 40-50 yards on 3 legs
One ram down one to go his is hung up in a tree and we are about to go in even farther looking for another ram. Boss man says he has never killed 2 in the same day on different stalks and would love for today to be that day


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I was pretty surprised how course the hair was on them. The size to me seemed about equivalent to a ol Montana warrior mule deer. Pretty awesome animal it had its own distinctive smell almost reminded me of an antelope buck. That sheep was 27.5” and between 9-10 from what he could count on the rings.
Is this outfitter getting you some access to areas you wouldn't have been able to get to without hiring him?
Public land but the access laws and the place we are hunting I would have never found this on my own. Even with this being the general area I would have started looking the spot we are hunting hand some land change hands and most people think it’s inaccessible now due to private. These guys found a way in thru public
So we ended up finding any other group of them probably about 5 miles in from the truck they were about 3 miles off from us. We couldn’t tell if it had the quality of ram im wanting with them so we never made a play on them. Also they were dangerously close to private and we didn’t wanna burn that much boot leather down into that canyon and not even be able to hunt them.
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