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Grandpa Ken

New member
May 15, 2004
Cascade Range
looking to hunt ID unit 20a sept 15 deer opener,still gives me a mounth befor WA oct 16 deer season to hunt with my family.never hunted out of state before,very intimadated about this country,not even shure if i can even access it.
maby try to access it from the east by traveling down 93 through hamilton,and darby MT downto north fork ID.then head westdown the salmon river on forest road 030 through shoup (been that far)all the way to where the mouth of the middle fork of the salmon river meets the main salmon river.
that would be the east corner of unit 20a.
unit 20a would be south of the salmon and west of the middle fork.forest road 030 runs on the north side of salmon river as i read the regs and maps.looks like where these rivers meet is about 60 miles west of north showes F R 030 to be good to the river junctions then traveling north west as an unimproved road ???.also noot shure if i can cross the salmon through this coradoor 20a being on the south side of river maby raft or boat or bridge??? need to make afew trips there this summer to set up stratagy. no idea what type of country this is or what type of weather in sept?? or how many other hunters hunt 20a at that point?? if this is even deer country?? or maby this area is set up for horse men and outtfiters or drop hunts??? YA i know a lot of questions also is there other access to this unit say from the west forest fires shout down this area this early in the year??this hunt might be as much a way to open up the idaho wilderness for future hunts with sons and grandson hopefully.i think local information is vitle for this outing
i only have a few posts on this site,but have been reading and injoying it for a long imput on many topics seems so limited that i have not ingaged you folks like ishould have, and now to ask so much of you
what a lucky man i am to even have the chance to experence these type of adventures

thanks ken


New member
Nov 28, 2001
Give me a shout before you head over, I might be able to meet you along the way and say hi... Probably in Missoula some where...


New member
Jun 22, 2004
1. To see every one enjoyable hunts and fish the season safely.
2 See my grandson take his first deer his first year.
3 Put a juicy doe on the talbe for meat and then set back and see if the good lord will offer up somthing as big or bigger then what I got last year for the hand gun. If not I will relish the time I was given in Gods country.
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