New from Wisconsin


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Apr 30, 2017
Hey guys........been watching Randy,Corey, and the Born and raised guys for a few years now and get so much enjoyment its hard to imagine.
A really special year last as I stood right next to me oldest son as he dropped his first Bull (nice 5x5) in Wyoming with his Bow......his first bow kill ever......What a thrill !!!!!
Then on top of that I was blessed to harvest an almost identical bull with the rifle just one month later. My first Bull after a close chance in CO the year before. Not sure why I started so late with this Elk situation but I'm truly hooked now after whitetail hunting and making drives in the Deep north woods for many years.......great memories for sure.

This year Tyler may not be able go with me as I will be expecting my first I am on the hunt for a partner or small group I could join in CO or Idaho. (my draw results for New Mexico went bust today) Oh frontiers ahead.

I am 58 love backpacking and chasing around the mountains the transition phase of retiring and moving West shortly......just need to figure some details

My bird dog is a Vizsla and we chase birds like no tomorrow.

Looking forward to get more involved here as my search ramps up now for September and hunting in the "Land of the Free"

I am shooting for the at least the 3 weeks of September......lets see where it takes me

Best Regards