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Jan 26, 2021
Hi, new to this. From Wisconsin here, been hunting here since I was 12, long time ago. Have hunted out west a number of times, mainly with friends. My wife always hunted WI with me(deer) but a couple of years back we had a group setting up a CO. hunt, and it wasn't the first time someone filled something out wrong & the hunt was dropped. Wife decided she would go with me ( a birthday gift), got her a 7mm and we started the process. I soon realized there was a catch. When I went with "the guys" we had an outfitter, very nice set-up.
Southwest CO, private land, after entering the property, in & out of 3 or 4 gates and a few washes that required fwd,( I had to be winched once). The outfitter said it was because it was a FORD. Once we were at the cabin we didn't leave. How nice hey?
Well this is where the problem started. The cabin had a loft, slept 8ish. I kept hat till the end of the story from my wife. One of her favorite sayings is "its too peopley".
This would not be acceptable to her and we started looking & found a cabin through another outfitter, close to the same area, but she was still freaking out because there was no running water. Hey, at least we had heat.
My wife is not a camper but she is a great organizer and we spent the entire year setting this up.
She is my hunting partner and we have gone twice and are looking for the 2021 2nd rifle.
We always hunt unguided and I found a ranch near Delores which is the same area but its public and the reviews for this guy are not great.
I try to find outfitters online but its always the same ones. We like a 7 day combo and seems like a "discounted" hunt is just cut in half.
Can anyone help.

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